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10 Fun Diamond Painting Accessories And Tools

Diamond painting is relaxing, fun, creative activity to immerse in for your mental and spiritual growth. Every step of the process gives you a high of accomplishment and focus. Right from receiving your DIY paint canvas to applying finishing touch to your painting is fascinating. A popular art with an immensely wide collection of diamond painting kits and accessories. We are recommending our favorite diamond painting accessories which are worth giving a shot!

1) Drill Press Rolling Pin

Finished your diamond painting project? Feeling relaxed and proud? Guess what the process isn’t over yet! You missed the final touch which keeps diamonds falling out from its place. As a beginner, you can definitely invest in an inexpensive rolling pin for a firm and secure grip. Using a rolling pin is no big deal. Once you are done with a diamond painting session, roll it firmly on the entire picture. This step will ensure to remove air bubbles from your diamond painting.

2) Jazzy Grip Covers

Silicone grip covers comes in delightful colours specially designed for increasing your efficiency. Comfortable pen covers helps to keep your hands happy during your painting projects. Simple, practical and multipurpose tool that can fit other writing tools.

3) LED Light for Art Lovers

LED light tablet is a blessing for art enthusiasts. Now, they can work in dark without being a disturbance to others and feel meditative while working through the painting process. All one needs to do is to place light pad beneath the fabric and switch it on. Symbols will have a clear visibility and placing rhinestones will be a cake walk. This magical LED setup will ensure to protect your eyes and reduces strain resulted working for extended periods. A handy accessory for people who are already in a progress phase when it comes to diamond painting canvas art.

4) Paint in Style Magnifying Lens Glasses

A perfect accessory designed to make tedious process simpler and easier. It is a stylish eye wear that magnifies your vision. An apt tool to buy for detailed DIYs like 5D diamond painting. These glasses are generally quite comforting for art enthusiasts to work on minute features of diamond embroidery.

5) Quirky Point Pens

Looking for point drill pen which is functional and goes with your artistic personality? There are variety of cute, designer point pens for DIY diamond painting available. Point pens with LED light is in high demand due to its feasibility and cost effectiveness. Wheel point pens are a complete blessings. One end is use as a single diamond applicator while the wheel is used for applying many rhinestones at a time. Save your time and energy with these innovative little art tools!

6) Adhesive Repair Tape

Real life have real art problems! Sometimes your diamond painting canvas loses its adhesiveness. As trivial as it sounds it’s terrible to realize your hard work might go in vain because of your unstick adhesive sheet. You can find double side adhesive repair tape to avoid little mishaps snatching your creative joy. How to use it? That’s simple too! Cut the sheet according to the part you need to repair on your canvas. Remove paper strip from one side and here you go, place it firmly on canvas. Your canvas is repaired and completely brand new.

7) Storage for shiny diamond beads

Diamond painting kits contains several colourful diamonds or rhinestones, depending on the picture. These diamonds are the star of the kit because they are the ones making your painting enchanting. You don’t want to lose these tiny diamond painting beads. That’s a nightmare! One solution is to look for storage containers with slots or small see through storage boxes. An inexpensive and effective way to be organized.

8) Diamond Painting Ruler

Diamond painting can turn into meditative outlet for you! To keep this possibility open we suggest to give a try to stainless rulers. This accessory ensures precise, accurate, effortless work. Now, instead of getting overwhelmed you will be happy and enthusiastic to explore your creativity.

9) Adorable Diamond Art Trays

You will find tray in each diamond painting kits. Trays are a complete essential in 5D diamond paint. Pour diamonds on tray and you can easily pick them through applicator. Well, why buy one when it’s already complementary with the kit. Right! If you already feel you are on next level in diamond painting try cute, animal trays to keep yourself pumped up.

10) Simple Stainless Tweezers

Affordable handy tweezers to add precision to your diamond embroidery. Adjusting, rearranging beads will no longer be a stressful task. These clipping tweezers provides you a firm grip over tiny sparkling diamonds. Often comes in angular shape for a hassle free hold.

These accessories are meant to unleash your creativity to the fullest. Experiment with diamond painting accessories and refine your art skills!

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