Can diamond painintgs be framed? What are the issues that need attention?

Can diamond painintgs be framed? What are the issues that need attention?

Diamond paintings can be framed, if not framed, the surface of the diamond will be affected by air and dust over time and become dull, and will also fall out of the diamond.

It is said that three points of painting, seven points of framing, framed diamond painting will look more beautiful, more complete.

Don't look at the diamond painting operation is very simple, but if we go to the framing, it will not be so simple, both to frame the beautiful and good-looking, but also to frame a very good, is also a technical work.

The method of framing diamond paintings can be used to frame cross-stitch.

If the diamond is a plastic diamond, the bottom cloth of the painting is mounted on the edge of the horse. If the picture is too large, a layer of white latex can be brushed on the back. However, the canvas is not easy to straighten, unlike cross stitch which is malleable, so we must take care of laying straight lines.

If the diamond painting is a glass drill with a single layer of fleece, such as the South African diamond collection, it is easier to use a press for only 10 seconds in front of the drill. It can be mounted, as well as cross-stitch. Around the nail, the KT board behind the white latex can be.

First: Take out the coins inside and wipe the inside of the exterior glass of the framed frame all clean.

Second: Then use an iron at low temperature to flatten the diamond painting canvas that has just been washed.

Third: after ironing the diamond painting fixed on the board of the frame, toy diamond painting backing software individuals have a personal different approach, you can use glue to stick tightly before sewing with a line on the backing; not sticky places, wrapped in a circle of tape, diamond painting backing both beautiful and maintenance line does not give wear and tear.

Fourth: finally installed in turn into the back plate, the nearby metal don't buckle don't, DIY diamond painting and fixed, so that a beautiful and unique diamond painting is complete.

Framed diamond painting will not be directly exposed to the air, thus preventing dirt and oxidation.

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