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Crafting of mobile phone cases

Mobile phone cases are an indispensable decorative item in the current electronics industry, which not only protects our phones from falling but also plays a certain aesthetic role, with the consumer user experience enhanced, different materials and styles of mobile phone cases exist in a variety of ways, some even use gold to create mobile phone cases! It means that the material of the mobile phone case is still worthy of our consideration, speaking of which we have to talk about the production process of mobile phone cases, so for the more common types of materials, do you know how they are produced?

In the current mobile phone jewelry industry, mobile phone cases are divided into several categories, gel phone cases, leather phone cases and hardware phone cases, so these categories, they are how to produce processing production?

PVC mobile phone cases.

This type of protective cover is popular in this industry very early, it is mainly used as one of the necessary options for three-dimensional effects, PVC products and silicone products have the same commonality is that their materials can be used in the same drip process, processing is to maximize the product's multi-colour, the process is to ingest the material into the mould, using the glue gun's glue head for colour distribution, with the equipment program debugging The different colours are then taken into the fixed position of the product to bring out the three-dimensional effect.

Leather mobile phone cases.

Leather mobile phone cases mainly focus on the details of the process, if your leather products are met with a good stitcher, then this product in addition to the material, in the quality must not be too big a problem, but the leather material is divided into many types, there are different leather and price, used to make mobile phone cases on the same as the production of leather bags, mainly depending on the cost of your cost, and today leather mobile phone cases are still on the market, the As the saying goes, good things don't sell, so leather phone cases are no different.

It is the main production process from the product zigzag and sewing technology, different sizes after processing manufacturers to cut the fabric in line with the curvature of the bending effect, after sewing with, if you need to increase the pattern or ornaments on the surface, can be added with over stitching, so generally know a little sewing can be through the fabric leather homemade, as long as the technology passed, the production of mobile phone cases naturally no problem.

Silicone phone cases.

Silicone protective cover is currently a relatively popular protective cover, it is mainly shown to consumers is drop-proof and scratch-resistant, green, soft and comfortable, silicone product material used in various posts and industries are more widespread, it can be made sealing products can also be made life care products and daily decorative supplies, and silicone protective cover with the same use of the same technology to produce.

In the process of making mobile phone cases, the silicone cover processors mainly use moulds to press into shape and low-temperature injection moulding technology, but the mould curing process occupies the majority, it is mainly the raw materials into the mould core after high temperature of about 180 degrees, moulds pressed together and cured, silicone material can add different colour glue to adjust the different colours, after the production is completed after the process of oil spray printing to change the After the production process, it is sprayed and printed to change the aesthetic effect.

Of course, it can also be used with plastic cases and leather cloth for lamination processing, many brands of mobile phone cases are currently using silicone and hard rubber phone case integrated molding, after the process of the inner layer of leather bonding to achieve beautiful results, such as the current iPhone and many brands are using this process.

TPU cases.

Silicone cases and TPU cases are currently the most widely sold and widest range of mobile phone cases, and TPU seems to have greater sales than silicone, due to its material has a lot of selectivity and ease of production, so the majority of mobile phone cases industry people choose, although it belongs to the plastic class materials, but from the nature of its harm to the human body is not much of a threat, so to replace a variety of mobile phone cases As it is a soft rubber material, it can be printed and painted.

The main production process is by injection moulding process, in the plastic machine in a grain of plastic rice melting after heating, with a gun barrel shot into the plastic mould molding solid, and liquid silicone molding has a similar processing method, and currently more popular is the TPU phone case inlaid hard rubber PC or tempered glass, etc., this type of process is the TPU phone case production molding, in the back design appropriate groove will be This type of process is to produce a TPU case and then design a suitable groove on the back to make a PC piece or tempered glass with a bonding process.

Hardware cases.

Hardware phone case is also considered one of the many user choices, but compared to the previous two, it is far from hot enough, has been too heavy hardware materials and aesthetics are not so prominent, so most of the current use of aluminum phone cases are border frame type, mainly to play a protective role, and the phone fixed contact surface also needs to be put into a silicone particles for cushioning, although more trouble, but there are still many consumers are willing to choose to use it
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