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Every detail to the extreme - making diamond painting experience

A person should have his own hobby, it can make you really focus, it can bring you vitality and energy.

A few days ago, I saw many people making a new kind of painting - diamond painting, similar to cross-stitch, without too much difficulty. So, I bought one back.


In the process of painting, many insights kept coming out of my mind. Although it is a painting, but the process of painting contains a wealth of truths, painting as a poem.

First, pay attention to the way and method. At the beginning, I used tweezers to clip the diamonds. The edge of the diamond is smooth, so it is easy to fall off, and it took three or four rounds to pick up a diamond. After doing it for more than ten minutes, I found the trick. When you clip a diamond, put the tweezers up, so you can be accurate and stable, and clip the diamond up at once. No matter what you do, you must find the right way to do it, not brute force.

Second, prepare the work well. Put the plate containing the diamonds in a suitable place, such as the left end of the canvas, so that it is easy to get it, so as not to waste a lot of time unintentionally after gluing one around to find the next one, which is not conducive to improving the efficiency of gluing.

Third, follow the order of steps. The first five minutes I was completely exploring, one here and one there, no order, the idea is very chaotic. Should follow a certain order, such as from top to bottom or from left to right. No planning or random action will certainly appear chaotic.

Fourth, the pursuit of concentration state. Without realizing it, more than half an hour passed, and I found that I was completely immersed in the matter of doing diamond painting. Looking at the increasingly beautiful diamond painting under my hands, I suddenly realized that doing every detail to the extreme is the true meaning of life, is the constant truth, is the most beautiful language.

This diamond painting is a reflection of my mind and thoughts, and a demonstration of my actions. I got the beautiful work and harvested the beautiful experience.

I remember reading this passage: First-class people have a common characteristic, that is, they all have at least one extremely obsessive "hobby". They will spend a lot of time, energy and money on this hobby, and some people have taken the hobby to a near-extreme level.


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