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Harp playing techniques

The harp has a wide range of sounds and pure tones, and has distinctive artistic characteristics, as well as its own characteristics.
The following is a detailed analysis of the playing techniques of the harp based on many years of study and performance experience. 2.1
In many musical instruments, there are some instruments that must be tuned before playing, such as guitar, kian-chin, etc. The pitch of each string has a professional specification, so in small, medium and large scale than the waterfall or performance, xian-chin performers will carry out tuning work in the first twenty minutes, to confirm and debug the pitch of each string several times with the loudspeaker, such as the red C string and black F clothes are usually the focus and foundation of the tuning work process. 2.2
The fingering of the hair organ is a two-handed instrument, so the requirements for fingering are relatively high.
Among all the fingers used, the little finger is usually not involved in the playing of the violin because of its small strength. When playing, the fingers make contact with the strings, and the contact area is clearly defined as the bevel of the first finger joint. In addition, in the process of playing the piano, there will be a decomposition of the part or a harmony, as in the case of piano playing.
The task, which requires the exchange of hands if necessary, can also be called arpeggio. In the case of monophonic, diatonic and chordal playing, the fingering as a technique must be
The fingering is the most important technique in the performance of monophonic, diatonic, and chordal music, and is chosen according to a variety of requirements such as the style of the piece being played. In short, to accurately express the mood of the music and to show the beauty of the first color of the first music, it is necessary to use fingering scientifically and to communicate and cooperate harmoniously. 2.3
The harp pedals are flexibly operated by the feet, including seven pedals, three of which are operated by the left foot and the other four by the right foot, with each
In order to achieve the best effect of the performance, the pedals are used in order to raise and reduce the level and function of the harp.
Performance characteristics (1) scraping wheat. The most distinctive feature of the kenzo is the scraping, in which the performer uses the thumb and second finger to scrape the strings in a rapid and rhythmic manner in a back-and-forth or one-way manner, revealing a variety of rich tones. The upward and downward one-way scraping should be short and forceful enough, on the basis of which the back and forth scraping has a unique and beautiful sound effect, which can produce a strong sense of beauty and endless aftertaste for the player.
(2) Overtones. Overtone performance in the harp
The overtones in this area are ethereal and beautiful, and the unique beauty of the harp emerges here.
However, in collaborative orchestral performance, the harp is a weak instrument, so the overtones are not usually used in collaborative orchestral performance because the overtones are limited.
(3) Tearing wheat. When playing the harp, the player tunes the thumb from the string to the adjacent string in a cross-tone continuo
This is the cavatai, which is a succession of tones. The technique of tearset occurs very frequently during the performance of the commission, making the singing nature of the music more apparent.
(4) Percussion
The player's hand is held in a fist position, and the second, third, and fourth finger joints are used to strike the resonance box of the harp to ensure that the sound of the strike is sharp and powerful, and has a strong sense of rhythm, which is the use of the clavichord technique, intended to express the momentum of the pounding, and to express the dynamics of the music with a short and powerful tone pattern, increasing the expressive power.3
The structural characteristics of the harp and its role in the orchestral music country are in the shape of the harp with a vertical front column and a sloping speaker, and the huge shape of the floor-to-ceiling gives this instrument
- It has a unique appearance. The instrument itself is in the key of C-flat major, and the practical sound city is large character group C-flat - small character four groups ascending 1. 47 strings are sorted by the sound root altar seven ascending scales, playing green root vibration red C child and blue 'I identify the pitch. The performance of the tight piano is extremely beautiful, although the sound weight is not large, but sometimes like a rainbow, sometimes like poetry, warm and mysterious. As early as the 18th century, the tight piano existed only as a decorative instrument in the European theater orchestra, and over time, it developed a retro feeling. It was not until the timbre of the lyre was discovered, and its wide range of sounds and rich technical requirements came to be appreciated, that the use of chords, cadences, phrases or glissandos became so flexible in the rapid performance that composers gradually used the lyre in symphonic orchestras, as a harmonic accompaniment and as an ornamentation of the nature of tears, with a punctuating effect, playing an indispensable role.
The lyre played an indispensable role. For example, in "Liang Zhu" (Liang Zhu), the main expression is the mood of love, and the enchanting melody gives the harp a powerful space to play. The first appearance of the harp, which plays a central role in the tune, is accompanied by the violin, which is accompanied by a rapid tone technique, and the mood of the music is that of the love between Liang Shanbo and Yingtai. The harp appears in the middle of the performance, and the sound is like a heavenly town, while the elements of the love theme are also added to the background sound. The harp appears again after entering the mood of "The Meeting on the Terrace", and this time it shows the connotation of the combination of the piece and the story, and the main rhythm is that of a violin. The final appearance of Jianqin is made
The pentatonic scraping of the flesh and the wine is sublimated, which is the unique and irreplaceable role of the Jianqin.4
The appearance of the sound quality recreates the image of the butterfly, and as a whole, the piece of music
The harp is one of the most important musical instruments in the world, although it is not the most important.
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