Homemade Christmas wreath crafting method detailed tutorial ktclubs.com

Homemade Christmas wreath crafting method detailed tutorial

As the weather gets colder, the Christmas atmosphere in the streets is getting stronger and people want to add some Christmas decorations to their homes. Christmas wreaths are a great choice, unlike Christmas trees that require a certain amount of space to place, and also need to prepare the hanging decorations above, the size of the wreath is suitable for urban home life, not only to create a strong Christmas atmosphere, but also with loved ones and children to make it together, let's take a look at the Christmas wreath DIY method!


The Origin and Meaning of Christmas Wreaths
"Advent" refers to the period of waiting for the second coming of Jesus Christ, which is the first four weeks of Christmas. The origin of the wreath becoming an important decoration for Christmas is said to be due to a German priest, Johann Hinrich Wichern, who lit 24 candles in the wreath during Advent to count down the days of Christmas, so the Christmas wreath gradually became an important symbol of the coming Christmas.

The wreath's meaning is "eternity", as the circle without an end represents the eternity of the universe, and the flowers must be placed in a "clockwise" direction to represent the endless vitality of Christmas. The evergreen leaves used in traditional Christmas wreaths symbolize people's reverence for the evergreen trees that still stand in the winter, and their hope that they too can welcome the arrival of spring with such spirit.

4 Christmas Wreath Styles
Christmas wreaths have evolved into a variety of styles, so let's take a look at the beautiful wreaths that designers have made with their hands.

Stable Wooden Christmas Wreath
Using cedar and eucalyptus leaves as the main base, with large pine cones and a variety of small and medium-sized fruits, with brown and green tones as the main, the overall exudes a calm and quiet atmosphere.

Soft Forest Christmas Wreath
The use of green-colored everlasting cedar (cedar), together with Taiwan-made cotton that retains its green outer shell, decorated with silver-leaf chrysanthemums and cinnamon, is suitable for a warm and soft home style.

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