How about mini-u disk mini-u disk advantages and disadvantages

How about mini-u disk mini-u disk advantages and disadvantages

Abstract: Now the world's USB flash drives are also oddly shaped, there are shrunken car-type, cute little pill, elegant black and white piano, cool and colorful guitar, etc.. What is the difference between a mini USB flash drive and a normal USB flash drive? How to choose a mini USB flash drive?

  [Mini USB flash drive] How about mini USB flash drive Mini USB flash drive advantages and disadvantages

  Mini USB flash drive Composition

  Mini USB flash drive The components of the shell and movement, the movement has a PCB and USB master chip, there are other FLASH ( flash ) chip and capacitors, USB debit composition. And its shell material is divided into many kinds, there are metal, leather, bamboo, silicone and so on. And there are encryption, antivirus, waterproof, intelligent, etc., only you can not think of, no it does not have.

  Mini USB flash drive Advantages

  1、Difference in circuit packaging

  Mini USB flash drive and ordinary USB flash drive is usually the difference between the packaging method. The traditional USB flash drive uses a bare PCBA circuit board, while the circuit board of the mini USB flash drive usually uses a UDP sealed package, commonly known as "vinyl".


  The benefit of UDP is sealed, can effectively waterproof, dustproof. And the traditional PCBA U disk is not waterproof. The speed mentioned upstairs is pure nonsense. U disk speed and its transmission protocol ( USB2.0/3.0/...) and the use of flash, master, and so on. ) and the use of flash, the overall performance of the main control scheme, and the package and size is not half a penny related.

  3, portable

  The benefit of miniU disk is of course portable, small size of the U disk can be put in your pocket or even purse.


  miniU drive can be used in the car, while large USB drives are easily touched in the process of use. miniU drive can also be inserted in a variety of players, tablets with USB motherboard, completely out of sight and out of the way.

  Mini USB flash drives take up little space, are easy to carry, and have a beautiful appearance that can be customized according to your favorite style, rather than those rigid designs. Because it is only slightly changed in appearance, the composition of its internal parts is still the same. The price is cheap, reliable, and extremely light, generally around 15g.

  Mini USB flash drive disadvantages

  1、 Easy to lose

  2, too small miniU disk only a little longer than the USB port, pull out will be a little more effort

  But these two points are a lanyard can solve the problem.
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