How to choose between electronic drums and drum set?

How to choose between electronic drums and drum set?

Electric drums Advantages:

1 wear headphones do not disturb the public, how you high

2 rich tone, drum set with any style, free to choose

3 small footprint, take away is relatively convenient Disadvantages: play more for the real drums will not be accustomed to, even the mesh skin and the real drums are different, a good amateur with a drum cavity with the cost is too high.

Real drums Advantages:

1 After all, it is the original sound, in the case of cymbals and tuning are good, than the electric drums have more feeling.

2 The manipulability of the tone is greater. Poor electric drums can basically only sense the change of strength, while good ones can sense the position of the hit, and the side hit is also there. However, some details like open cymbals and side hits still need to be handled by real drums. Disadvantages: It is a nuisance and takes up space. If you don't have a good sound insulation system, you can wait for the next door to knock on your door hahaha ╮(╯▽╰)╭ Anyway, it depends on your needs. If you have a certain foundation, like the rich tone, follow the accompaniment cool to buy an electric drum at home is also a good choice, and then get a good matte drum to practice the basic skills.

Electronic drums are perfect for drummers working in a wide range of musical styles and can be easily tuned to match the sound of any band, whether it's a pop quartet, or a jazz band. With the Electronic Kit, you can easily edit the performance, adjusting the timing and sound to better suit the recording. Because recorded performances can be captured as MIDI data, mixing and editing drum performances is much easier than slicing and dicing tracks. In the studio, electronic drums can be plugged directly into the mixer to get a good drum sound quickly and easily without having to install individual microphones. You can focus on playing the drums without having to arrive at the studio hours in advance to tune.

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