How to decorate Christmas beautifully

How to decorate Christmas beautifully

A beautifully decorated Christmas tree will make everyone's eyes light up during the holiday season. Here's how you can decorate a beautiful and classic Christmas tree.

1Choose a Christmas tree. A Christmas tree is the foundation of your decorations, so you'll want to carefully choose a good-looking one. Some people like the look and smell of pine and fir trees, while others prefer a fake tree that looks like it could be faked for real. Whatever you choose, you need to consider the following.
The shape of the tree should look good. If you choose a real tree, you need to find a tree with evenly spaced branches and an overall shape that tapers upward. If you use a fake tree and make your own branches, try not to make the gap between each layer of branches too obvious.
Use tree stands and guards. If you choose to use a real tree, you will also need a device to provide water for it. Putting guards around the tree will prevent pine needles from falling to the floor and make it easy to clean up.
Decorate some lights. If you have decided to use an artificial tree, you can buy some Christmas lights to hang on the branches. Hanging lights is the most difficult step for many people, but if you skip this step, you can spend more time and energy decorating your tree in other ways.

2Choose a color. Adopting a color theme will give your Christmas tree a more holistic look. Remember, you want to choose colors that don't clash with the tone of the room, and you may need to decorate the rest with some childlike or ancestral decorations. Here are some popular color schemes you can try.
The classic Christmas colors, red and green. A green tree with red ornaments, ribbons and garlands. If you want to add some metal for more vibrancy, choose gold or silver. Red and green style Christmas trees work very well.

Winter colors like blue, silver and purple. You can dress up your tree in an icy, glittery snowy Christmas style. If you choose this option, try not to use red or golden yellow again. Use bright or blue lights. For a really minimalist winter look, the use of white and silver decorations is perfect.

Metallic colors, such as gold, silver and copper. Metallic colors are easy to match, you can use one, two or even three colors. It is best to use brighter lights.

Cool or warm tones. If you want a tree that stands out, try to choose colors that are either cool or warm. For example, a warm-toned tree can be decorated with red, orange and gold ornaments; a cool-toned tree can be decorated with green, purple, blue and silver.

Choose a theme (optional). Some people will set a specific theme for their Christmas tree, such as angels, the Nutcracker or snowflakes. A theme can give your tree a more holistic look and be more eye-catching.
If you tend to collect ornaments around a specific theme, you may find it fun to decorate the tree and you may have a larger collection.
If you don't collect many decorations with the same theme, don't worry too much, Christmas is a good enough theme for a Christmas tree.

Buy decorative bulbs (optional). Maybe you're ready to use the decorations you've collected for many years, but if not, now is the time to buy a set of decorations that will make your tree look sophisticated and classic. Consider the following factors.
Decorated with box lights. Most stores will sell them in boxes, with about six to twelve in a box, and they are relatively inexpensive. You can also choose some interesting and expensive ornaments, and many people will choose these bulbs with decorative boxes on the outside to decorate the Christmas tree.
Frosted or glossy bulbs. If you only use one color of bulb to decorate the Christmas tree, you can choose different kinds of bulbs. Or you can choose just one: very bright light or frosted.
Use different sizes of bulbs. If you want to be on the safe side, use bulbs of the same size. If you are confident in your decorating ability, you can buy some different size bulbs to make it more visually appealing. As long as you can make them together without making people feel strange.

Use small lights. Tiny twinkling lights will make your Christmas tree look more sophisticated compared to the larger bulbs. Remember that your bulbs are only for decorative effect, not too conspicuous.
Try to choose bulbs that do not play music or flashing lights, preferably all in the same color theme.
Choose white lights if you want to be on the safe side.

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