Diamond painting

How to frame a diamond painting

Mounting a diamond picture is done in the same way as mounting a cross-stitch.

If the diamond is a plastic diamond, the bottom cloth of the oil painting is mounted on the edge of the horse. If the picture is too big, you can brush a layer of white latex on the back side. However, the canvas is not easy to straighten, unlike cross-stitch which is malleable, so we must pay attention to laying a straight line.

If the diamond painting is a glass drill with a single layer of fleece, like the South African diamond collection, it is easier to use a press for only 10 seconds in front of the drill. It can be mounted and installed, as well as cross-stitch. Around the nail, the KT board behind the white latex can be.

Extension information

1, remove the coins inside and wipe off the inside of the exterior glass inside the mounting frame.

2, then iron the newly washed diamond with an iron and paint the canvas.

3, after ironing the diamond drawing fixed on the board of the box, the bottom of the toy rhombus drawing deep software is different. You can use glue to sew it up, and then sew it on the back panel. Diamond does not stick to the place, tape wrapped together, diamond painting is both beautiful and not threaded.

4, at the end, load the backing plate and fasten the metal nearby. diy diamond is painted and fixed, so a beautiful and unique diamond painting is completed. The finished diamond painting will not be directly exposed to the air, thus preventing dirt and oxidation.

Introduction to Diamond Painting

Diamond paintings, also known as DIY diamonds, are now divided into diamond crystal diamonds, Rubik's cube diamonds and diamond diamonds. It is the diamond designer who combines delicate sparkling man-made crystal flat-backed diamonds (some square diamonds) with elaborate designs. The drawing is simply done by drawing the drill tool to the corresponding symbol on the canvas, thus completing the bar of the drill and slowly filling each symbol with the corresponding symbol. Within minutes, the area can be officially launched. Compared to cross-stitch, diamond painting is simple and easy to operate, with the same mode of production. Diamond painting takes about 1/10 of the time of cross stitch, the

Diamond painting glue does not dry diamond sticky, always shift how to deal with?

Does dotted cross stitch fall off easily? It will not fall off after framing, but if you hang it for a long time, it may fall off.

A. Do the diamonds fall out easily?

Even if the cross embroidery is framed and hung, it can still be well preserved in a vacuum state if it is stuck with diamonds. It depends on the skill level of the framer, usually the pressed cross stitch will not fall off, but not absolutely, some things are easy to fall off when they are left for a long time and the dust in the air makes the glue less sticky.

Second, the reasons why dotted cross stitch happens to fall off

Generally speaking, the drill of dotted cross stitch will not fall off. The reasons for the dropped diamonds are.

Firstly, the drill surface and the glue are not sufficiently bonded because they are not pressed after being glued.

Second, the glue is directly exposed to the air under the hot sun for a long time (15 days), and there is more dust in the air, which causes the glue to be less sticky.

Third, the bottom chart after gluing the drill is squeezed by the crease causing the drill to fall off.

The proper way to keep the bottom chart is to roll up the bottom chart with curved surface.

Thirdly, the solution to solve the problem of drill drop in cross stitch

1、DIY production process

(1) When you are not familiar with it at the beginning, try to be slower, make sure the drill is accurate, correct and firm, and press it with a tool. Do not expose to the air for a long time and do not stick to the dust. If sometimes you do accidentally stick to the debris, first clean up, then use our spare glue to stick, and then follow the steps above and operate again.

(2) After the whole painting is done, first of all, you need to use cylindrical objects such as wine bottles to roll over, which is like a road roller, to ensure that the flat, firm, and finally feel it again with your own hands, if there is a prominent drill is easy to feel out, such as uneven and then reinforced.

(3) Finally, we need to equip with high-tech nano surface coating liquid, according to the scientific proportion of water, and then brush on top of the drill once, so as to ensure that the dot cross-stitch is more crystal clear and solid.


(1) First of all, the side of the finished product with diamonds is outside, it should be reversed, mainly to prevent the diamonds from falling out due to squeezing and arching between the diamonds, nowadays many frame factories are not very proficient in framing diamond pictures, so when workers do each process, it is better to repeat the previous process to ensure that the diamonds do not fall out, and to check and fill in the gaps.

(2) and cross-stitch framing will do a lot of card samples to increase the beauty of the painting, many card samples and several layers, so that there will be a large gap between the painting and the glass, but for diamond painting is not suitable, each diamond vertical, if the glass is not pressed, you have to bear the role of gravity, so this requires the frame factory to make changes, it is best to use the glass directly pressed diamond painting.

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