How to knit a blanket with wool

How to knit a blanket with wool

How to knit a blanket with wool: First, prepare the materials, prepare the cardboard, determine the specifications, for example, there are 14 x 14 cm or 10 x 10 cm; Second, knit the carpet, start knitting, first you have to knit down the needle in the front, then turn over, and then the same knit down the needle, the right hand should be carried on one side of the line to ensure a balanced speed, and then repeat the knitting, until the desired length and width; Third, close the needle to decorate, close the needle when the elasticity to the same, to be more flat, and then sew small flowers for decoration.

1、Prepare materials

Before knitting the blanket, you first need to prepare a variety of tools, such as wool, and side needles, including ironing machines, and cardboard, etc., so as to be able to set the shape. The size of the cardboard can be 14×14 cm or 10×10 cm, which can be determined according to the specifications of the carpet to be woven.

2、Start knitting

The next step is to start knitting. Cut the cardboard first, and then determine the size of the blanket according to the cardboard pattern. When you start knitting, you need to start with the needle under the front and then turn it over. The left and right hands should coordinate with each other, the right hand with the thread, and the speed to ensure that it is even, so as to ensure that the knitting is more flat, and then repeat the knitting, until the desired length and width.

3、Closing stitches decoration

Until the desired length and width of the knitting, the next step is to prepare to close the needle. The hand should be relaxed when closing the needle, to control the tightness, so that the blanket will be more flat. Then, when all the knitting is done, you can decorate the blanket by embroidering a few small flowers on top.

What kind of material is more comfortable to choose for blankets

1、Wool blanket

As the name suggests, wool is made directly from wool as a raw material. One advantage is that the ventilation performance is good because there is a certain spacing between the fibers below the wool, and it can form a certain air circulation layer. So when people sleep, it can provide a more constant temperature. Lying on top of such a blanket, sleeping is comfortable and the warmth is good. For some patients with rheumatic joint pain, it can also effectively relieve the disease.

2、Coral fleece blanket

This fabric is soft, and good water absorption, breathable performance is also very good. Warm, as if lying on coral such, wool fiber degree is relatively fine, not easy to have the problem of color loss. Production is also easy to dye, feel more comfortable to touch.

But there are some problems, if there is asthma or itself for the coral fleece easy to allergic to the crowd, this blanket is easy to lose hair, so when using must pay attention.

3、Acrylic blanket

This blanket is used in the synthetic composition, that is, polypropylene cyanide fiber material, and not the real animal fiber. This has a certain insulation effect, and because it is not real animal hair, so it is not easy because of humidity and temperature problems caused by mold, corrosion, relatively speaking, the cost is still relatively high.


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