How to paint digital oil painting

How to paint digital oil painting

For people who first contact with digital oil painting, they may not know how to paint digital oil painting, the following are the specific painting steps.


The tools you need to prepare for painting digital oil paintings are canvas, paints and brushes.


(1) Take out the canvas and paints.

(2) Take out the brushes and choose the right one. If you are painting a large grid, you need to use a thick brush; if you are painting a small grid, you need to use a thin brush.

(3) After choosing the brushes, start to pick up the paints you need for this painting, for example, if you want to paint No. 13, then take out No. 13 paint.

(4) Find the grid marked with number 13 on the canvas, and paint the corresponding grid in turn.

(5) If the paint of the brush becomes dry, you need to wash it with water and absorb it with paper towel.


You must focus when painting, usually paint one color before another.

How to paint digital oil painting
2 How to do when the digital oil painting paint dries
Many people, when painting digital oil paintings, will find that the paint dries up during the process. When this problem occurs, most people do not know how to do when the digital oil painting paint dries out, and the specific solutions are as follows.

Put a few drops of warm boiling water into the paint and stir it, and use it again the next day, it will not affect the picture. This is the general situation to deal with.

But if the pigment is particular
ly dry, dry like glue, then you have to throw it away. Because the "binder" of oil paints is sesame oil, which is a kind of dry oil and cannot be melted away after it dries.

Although it can be opened with chemical solvents, it is still a particle. You need to regrind and add the right amount of sub-sesame oil according to the main points of making oil paints, then not only the color of the pigment is not pure, but also the cost is higher than buying new ones. Therefore, it is the best way to buy new ones after throwing them away.

How to do when the digital oil paint dries
3 Painting techniques of digital oil painting
In order to finish the painting of digital oil painting quickly and achieve better effect, then the painter needs to master the painting techniques of digital oil painting, as follows.

1、Start from light colors, such as white, light*, etc. Since acrylic paints have coverage, even if you make a mistake, you can wait for the paint to dry and then use the dark color to cover the modification.

2、It is recommended to apply the paint twice, and the light color can be applied more times because it is not good to cover the black numbers, but you have to wait for the paint to dry and then repeat the color. Try to paint as thick as possible, so as to have more effect of oil painting, and try to keep the direction of the strokes consistent.

3、When you apply the paint, pay attention to the color pressure color to cover the black lines of the color block, so as to ensure the authenticity of the oil painting.

4、Acrylic paint is easy to dry, so make sure to cover it when you don't use it to avoid the paint from drying out. Acrylic paints are water soluble, even if the paint is dry, it can be dissolved with water.

5、After the painting is finished and the paint is dry, then apply the gloss. The function of the gloss is to make the color brighter and highlight the brushstrokes of the oil painting. In addition, it can also form a protective film on the picture to avoid the trouble of bad cleaning for a long time.

6、Only a thin layer of gloss is needed, after applying it, put it in a ventilated place and wait 24 hours for it to dry.

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