How to remove the plastic smell of keychains?

How to remove the plastic smell of keychains?

Put it in a ventilated place and let it evaporate the smell before you look at it. If you really can't get rid of the smell, wash it with soap.

Keychain, also known as keychain, key ring, key chain, key hanging, etc.. The materials used to make keychains are generally metal, leather, plastic, wood and so on. This object is exquisite and small, the shape of a variety of everyday objects that people carry with them every day. Keychain is a decorative item hanging on the key ring.

Keychain shape a wide range, such as cartoon shape, brand shape, simulation model, etc., materials such as copper, aluminum, rubber, plastic, etc., now mainly zinc alloy surface nickel or rhodium and other anti-rust elements. Keychain has now become a gift of small gifts.

Couple keychains

Couple key chain is the latest development of zinc alloy jewelry, is a brand promotion business promotion craft boutique, but also a novel gift. Its back can also be laser LOGO, personalized custom keychain.

Product use: corporate branding, new product promotion, tourist attractions, souvenirs, school souvenirs, advertising and other industry souvenir promotional items.

Car logo buckle

Car logo keychain Car logo keychain is the latest development of zinc alloy automotive supplies, the surface by dripping oil or plating rare metal to do anti-rust treatment; is a car 4S store promotion gift to the owner of the exquisite small gift, but also the owner of the necessary car supplies, car pendants, personalized fashion supplies.

Product use: corporate branding, new product promotion, souvenirs and other industry commemorative promotional items.

Car keychain

Car keychain has become a kind of gift small gift, can be given to friends or yourself, expressing a piece of your heart.

Souvenir buckle

Fuwa is the mascot of the 29th Olympic Games in Beijing in 2008, whose colors and inspiration come from the five Olympic rings, from the broad mountains, rivers, lakes and seas of China's Liaoning commemorative keychains and people's favorite animal images. Fuwa conveys to children around the world the spirit of friendship, peace, positivity and the beautiful wish of harmony between human beings and nature. Fuwa are five cute and intimate little friends whose shapes incorporate the images of fish, pandas, Tibetan antelopes, swallows and the Olympic flame. Each doll has a catchy name: "Bei Bei", "Jing Jing", "Huan Huan", "Ying Ying" and "Nini", which is a traditional way to express love for children in China. When the names of the five dolls are linked together, you will read Beijing's warm invitation to the world, "Welcome to Beijing". Fuwa represents the dreams and aspirations of the Chinese people. Their archetypes and headdresses imply their connection to the sea, forest, fire, earth and sky, and their image is designed using traditional Chinese artistic expressions to showcase the splendor of Chinese culture.

Folded Crystal Buckle

Crystal and cast steel materials and production process, exquisite and durable, very young friends like, ROC in the beginning, may also be precisely to consider the hardware "cold face cool shape", from these keychain design, a change of the former. Delicate shape, very attractive to the eyes of the little girls. And summer is coming, is also a very good decorative items.

Folded solar buckle

Solar flashing keychain is the latest development and production of solar energy applications, the use of low light type amorphous silicon solar cell power supply principle, so that high-quality solar keychain LCD flashing light, is a brand promotion of craft boutique, but also a novel gift. Phantom LCD display, flashing between the sense of fun and technology!

Product use:

Enterprise brand promotion, new product promotion, tourist attractions, souvenirs, school anniversary souvenirs. Hotel hotel building opening commemorative plaque and banks, telecommunications, network, insurance, post and telecommunications, communications, railroads, aviation, shipping, advertising and other industries of commemorative promotional products.

One-sided flashing on the front side and laser paper on the back side.
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