The difference between a mug and a coffee mug

The difference between a mug and a coffee mug

I. Material

  Mug material range is wide, there are ceramic, plastic. Glass and stainless steel and so on. Among them to bone china fired mugs made of the best quality of the most high-grade. And ceramic mug material is no more than pottery and porcelain two, more limited.

  Second, the shape

  Mug and ceramic mug, mug shape diversity, color is also richer, mug body can be designed into different categories of animation characters, cute animals, plants, etc., the handle also has a large ring, small ring, and even open ring, etc.. Family mugs can generally be filled with liquids ranging from 150 ml to 350 ml.

  Third, the characteristics

  Mug made of bone china contains more than 40% high-value natural animal bone powder, lead-free, cadmium-free, radiation-free, known as "thin as paper, sound like a naked, white as jade, bright as a mirror" reputation, and bone china mug texture is light, fine and hard, not easy to wear and break, there is a moderate degree of light transmission and insulation, the color is unique to natural bone powder The natural milk white, is environmentally friendly green consumer goods.

  Fourth, performance

  Mug relatively better insulation. In order to facilitate the use of most mugs are designed to be used directly in the microwave oven, but there are a few special cases need to be used according to the manufacturer's instructions.


  Researchers from the Commonwealth University of Australia and the University of Oxford in the United Kingdom, after a barista said that white cups make coffee taste more bitter, they set out to prove the truth of this claim. They found 36 volunteers to participate in the trial and then used blue, white and clear cups to verify the claim. According to the academic report published in the journal Flavour, in one of the trials, the volunteers felt that the white cups "enhanced" the taste of the coffee more than the clear cups.

  In the second trial, volunteers felt that the taste of coffee in blue and clear cups was sweeter than in white cups, and in both cups, volunteers felt that the coffee in blue cups was the sweetest.

  The scientists believe that people may associate brown with bitterness, and since the coffee in the white coffee cup looked closest to brown, people would also find it the most bitter to drink. The first author of the academic report is Dr. George Doorn from the Commonwealth University of Australia, who wrote in an article written at the request of The Conversation: "Our study clearly shows that the color of the coffee cup does have an effect on people's sense of taste and smell when they drink coffee. Our academic report on the impact of coffee cup color on coffee taste concludes that café owners, baristas, and porcelain manufacturers should seriously consider the color of the cups they choose, as this potential effect can affect the number of repeat customers in their business."


  Small coffee cups under 100cc

  Mostly used for strong and hot espresso or single serve coffee, such as espresso with only about 50cc, Viennese coffee (espresso + cream top) and macchiato (espresso + milk froth top). Although almost a sip can be consumed, but with a small coffee cup a little smack, you can maximize the pleasure of coffee. The Cappuccino with milk foam, the capacity is slightly larger than the Espresso, with a wide mouth, you can show the rich and beautiful foam.

  General coffee cups around 200cc

  The most common coffee cup, light Americano mostly choose such a cup, there is enough space to mix your own, easy to add milk and sugar.

  300CC or more mugs or French Ole special milk coffee cups

  Coffee with a lot of milk, like latte, American mocha, more mugs are used to accommodate its sweet and varied taste. The French, on the other hand, often use a large bowl of milk coffee (Oreo), rendering the whole morning's mood of levity.

  The difference between a tea cup and a coffee mug can still be judged by its shape and size. Usually, in order to retain the richness of the coffee and reduce the temperature evaporation, the coffee cup mouth is narrower, wider cup. Black tea cups, on the other hand, are more likely to have a wider mouth and high light transmission to reflect the clear and transparent color of the tea.


  A necessary part of making coffee is to warm the cup. The top of the general home semi-automatic espresso machine has a platform for putting coffee cups, which can heat the cup. Once the freshly extracted coffee is poured into a cold cup, the flavor will be greatly reduced. Therefore, the heat conduction and insulation of the coffee cup is also very critical to the coffee tasting experience. Bone china cups are made with the right amount of animal bones in the raw material, which can slow down the temperature of the coffee, the ratio is about 25% bone powder, 75% senior porcelain clay. Features: light texture (weight), strong light transmission, soft color high density (fragile, easy to clean) high temperature resistance (good heat preservation)
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