The role of coasters

The role of coasters

The first time I went to drink coffee, there is a coaster under the coffee, it is very doubtful, why a coaster under the coffee? What is the use of ah?

Later after understanding the coaster which is still very sophisticated, first of all, it can reduce the friction and collision between the coffee cup and the desktop, so as to prevent the coffee cup and desktop collision with a very sharp sound. This increases the comfort and experience of consumers. It can also decorate and beautify the desktop, we know that now there are more types of coasters, and its style is also diversified for different tea sets or cups, wearing different styles of coasters, bringing a different feeling. For the owner, to the guests is also a taste to show.

Coasters also have a very important role is to insulate, we think about it, a cup of coffee is only good, it must be very hot, if you are making coffee for the guests, after the bubble if there is no coaster light hand to pick up will certainly be hot, so it is very embarrassing, so the role of coasters have a lot of.

Silicone coasters, why do I recommend it so much? Now well-known coffee shops such as Starbucks and many other coffee shops, are using silicone coasters, customize their own. The main thing is silicone coasters environmental protection, non-toxic, tasteless, non-polluting, no harm to the human body is the biggest advantage of silicone coasters!

Point one: insulation, prevent the desktop from being scalded. This role is well known; in addition, because of its thermal insulation, it is also a kind of respect for the guests, why do you say so? Because when serving tea to guests, if you do not bring a coaster (especially a cup without a handle), you may burn your hands. The opposite is not the case.

I am well aware that when we go to meet our clients, some of them are particularly particular and will make tea for us, but he did not match the coaster, resulting in the client making tea for us, we dare not reach out to receive the tea in the hands of the client, and sometimes it is quite embarrassing. Therefore, if there is a coaster, this will not happen

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