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What are the categories of cups

Mug is one of the very popular daily mug, office use or home life use is a good choice, mug variety, the following we take a look at the different types of mugs.

Mug because of its good insulation effect, handle easy to use, a variety of designs and other features are widely used, generally drink hot water, hot milk and other high temperature drinks, we like to use mugs, which is a mug regardless of the season. Mug categories are diverse, different kinds of mugs have different
characteristics, of course, many brands have different designs, they add different elements to the mug to create a different style. kt mug, also has its own unique style

Double mug, the main purpose of such a mug is still to insulate, double mug insulation effect will naturally be much better, the main use is to hold hot milk, hot coffee and other hot drinks, winter use will not cool quickly, but also will not burn your hands ~

The color of the cup will change with the temperature change of the water in the cup, which is the ounce color cup, also known as color changing mug, after pouring hot water, the cup will show a different regiment, the principle is not difficult, we go online to look up the information on it. It is because of the characteristics of color changing, many people are willing to enter such a mug.

Zipper mug, have you heard of it? This is suitable for tea drinkers to use Oh ~ cup body has a small mouth like a zipper put tea bags more convenient.

Alphabet mugs are also very common, each cup is a different letter, do not worry about confusion with others, there are other kinds of mugs, such as stain mugs, locking mugs and so on.
Maintenance law in use.

1, do not collide or strong impact insulation cup, will cause the cup body deformation affect the effectiveness of the product.

2, pay attention not to lose the insulation switch, cup cover, silicone ring and other accessories, so as not to affect the normal use.

3, do not place the insulation cup in a high-temperature environment, avoid any form of direct heating or placed at high temperatures, otherwise it will cause resin deformation, discoloration affect the efficacy of product use.

4, try not to load dry ice, carbonated beverages and other liquids that are prone to high pressure, do not add soy sauce, soup and other liquids containing salt ingredients to avoid corrosion of the cup.

Cup category

1, according to the material classification.
Such as ceramic cups, glass cups, plastic cups, stainless steel cups, muyu stone cups, cloisonné cups, etc..
2, according to the main functional use classification.
Such as intelligent water cup, health cup, insulation cup, beer cup, red wine cup, toothbrush cup, etc..
3, according to the moral classification.
Such as the cup of happiness, couples cup, husband and wife cup, etc..
4, according to the structure of the process classification.
Such as single-layer cup, double-layer cup, vacuum cup, nano cup, energy cup, ecological cup, tall cup, etc..
5、Other classifications
Such as mugs, coffee cups.
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