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What are the decorative items of Christmas


Candle, is the most quickly create a warm and pleasant atmosphere of the magical object. It comes with its own brightness and heat, which is always needed during the holidays. Whether placed in any corner of the room: bedroom, dining table, living room, or windowsill, it can be enjoyed with extraordinary peace and tranquility. There are many different types of candles, and different candles have their own unique way of decoration.

2、Christmas tree

The Christmas tree is essential for the holiday season and is the most important thing to set the mood. Christmas trees can be placed in a variety of locations, including the living room, bedside, dining table and doorway. The size of the tree can be chosen according to your needs.

3、Christmas tree decoration

Set up the Christmas tree, the next step is to start the decoration. You can choose some cute little hangings, balls, toys, stars, gifts and so on, these small ornaments will be irregularly hung on the Christmas tree. Then wind the LED lights from top to bottom on the Christmas tree.

4、Christmas stockings

Christmas stockings are very important at Christmas time, especially for children, the traditional Christmas stockings will be hung on the bed, if the location of the bed can not be well hung gifts, you can choose to hang on the Christmas tree.

5、Wall decoration

Wall selection of some easy to remove, remove no trace of the hanging to decorate. For example: a three-dimensional foam wall stickers with the theme of Christmas. Wall stickers to choose different patterns, stickers can be hung on the wall at the same time some Christmas canes.

6, balloons

Balloons can create a romantic and warm atmosphere, is an essential material to decorate the room. A day in advance to prepare a large number of different colors of helium balloons, used to decorate the ceiling of the living room. Also need some ordinary balloons, blow up and hang in a relatively empty place, or focus on a corner of the sofa. Achieve the effect of decoration.

Decorating the room is not only hardware, but also software decoration, for example: music. Christmas music can bring a pleasant holiday atmosphere. So on Christmas day, you can play some Christmas songs at home to set the mood.
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