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What are the materials of mugs?

Mug not only a variety of styles material also has a variety of, understand the different material characteristics of the mug, more help to facilitate the choice, today to share with you the common materials of mugs.

The most common is also the highest frequency of use of ceramic mugs, such mug material is familiar ceramic, on the one hand, ceramic has been recognized by the public, on the one hand, ceramic mug style, can be customized text photos, etc., can be used for confessions, friends to express their gratitude, etc., is also one of the hot items for mutual gifts. Ceramic mug insulation performance, coupled with the material itself safe and non-toxic, the body design is more bizarre, get young people's praise and love. For example, koenitz kuniko mug, high-strength porcelain clay, environmental health, to ensure quality and safety, a variety of thematic design, to meet the drinking water at the same time, but also has a high artistic value and ornamental value.

Plastic mugs, such mugs in a variety of shapes, a lot of cartoon, suitable for babies, remember to pay attention to the purchase of food-grade plastic to meet the standards, children are prone to break things, so choose for them to fall mug Oh ~

Stainless steel mugs, drink ordinary plain water no problem, but drinking, drinks, juice, milk and other drinks best not to choose to use this material mugs, may occur some chemical reaction, long-term use affect health, but ordinary plain water is possible.

Glass mugs transparent and simple, home use is also good, material safety, easy to clean. Bone china mugs, these mugs look beautiful, the use of health, the shortcoming is that the price is expensive.

Each material mug has its own characteristics, we use correctly, according to the need to choose, I hope we can all have a mug for themselves!

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