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What happens when the paint in a digital oil painting dries out?

Tests have proved that acrylic paints have many characteristics that are superior to other paints: they are flexible films after drying, strong and wear-resistant, water-resistant, corrosion-resistant, resistant to natural aging, do not fade, do not deteriorate and fall off, do not reflect light after painting, easy to rinse after painting, suitable for easel painting, indoor and outdoor murals, etc. It can be stacked layer by layer repeatedly to paint a heavy feeling; it can also add powder and appropriate amount of water to cover the overlapping picture with similar gouache painting method; such as adding a large amount of water to the pigment can produce the effect of watercolor and brush painting, layer by layer baking and dyeing, pushing the halo, translucent stacking, the effect is pure and transparent. But if the paint of digital oil painting dries up, how to deal with it so as not to affect the effect of later, this is particularly difficult.
 Acrylic digital oil paints contain a certain amount of water, so make sure to keep the lid tightly closed when you are not using it to avoid the loss of water and the drying of the paint. If you find that the paint has dried out a bit, you can put a few drops of water into it and stir it, and use it the next day. This is the usual way to deal with the situation. But if the pigment is particularly dry, like glue, then you have to throw it away. The main reason is that the "binder" of oil paints is sesame oil, which is a kind of dry oil and cannot be melted away after it dries. Although it can be opened with chemical solvents, even if it is opened, it is still a particle. You are afraid that you will have to regrind and add the right amount of sub-sesame oil according to the principles of making oil paints, then not only the color of the pigment is not pure, but also the cost is higher than buying new ones.
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