leaf carving

What is leaf carving

A new art that uses leaves as a carrier and reproduces images on them through a special process
Leaf sculpture is a new art form that uses leaves as a carrier and reproduces images on them through a special process. It is a new art form that has only just emerged in recent years and is based on natural fallen leaves that mature in autumn! With modern techniques, the leaves are carved by hand with a single stroke and a single cut, and the exquisite patterns are then revealed. Each leaf carving tells a legend, a story, a history and a culture! From the leaf carvings you can appreciate the perfect combination of profound traditional Chinese culture and modern technology. It has both the aesthetic principles of art creation in common with other arts and its unique characteristics. It has the expressions of printmaking, micro-carving and paper-cutting, but it also draws on their strengths to complement their weaknesses. The difference lies in the fact that leaf sculpture is the natural form of the leaf, which is borrowed from nature to highlight the interest; it follows nature to show the scene of nature's ingenuity and the unity of man and nature, using the veins and veins of the leaf material to create the life state of the leaf, creating a magical artistic moment. The artwork is made from nature and is natural.
There are two types of leaf sculpture available: one that is carved directly into the leaf. Where there is no image it is empty and no veins are attached, giving the work a strong, rigid appearance.
One is the preservation of all the tiny veins of the leaf, which makes the work appear gentle, delicate and sentimental, breaking with the traditional painting and calligraphy expressions of the centuries, using only the skin and flesh of the leaf, complemented by the first unique technology, making the work simple and natural, elegant and elegant, becoming a typical oriental art and modern technology into one of the strange artworks.
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