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What is the model

An object that constitutes an objectively elaborated morphological structure for the purpose of expression through subjective consciousness with the help of physical or virtual expression (object is not equal to object, not limited to solid and virtual, not limited to flat and three-dimensional).
Model ≠ commodity. Any object is a model in the development process before it is defined as a commodity, and the model will be presented as a commodity when the model and specifications are defined and matched with the corresponding price.
In a broad sense: if one thing can change with another thing, then this thing is a model of another thing. The role of models is to express the nature of different concepts. A concept can change many models to different degrees, but only few models can express the nature of a concept, so a concept can change the form of its nature by referring to different models.
When a model is associated with something, it creates a framework with properties that determine how the model changes with the thing.
Models are divided into physical models (physical objects of physical form and weight) and virtual models (forms made of electronic data through digital representations and other practical representations).
Model display forms are divided into flat display and three-dimensional display (the logo is a kind of flat display such as the sample picture of the atlas).
Solid model
From the performance form is divided into static model (physical relatively static, itself does not have the power system of energy conversion, not in the external force of the performance structure and the integrity of the composition of the form), booster model (based on static model, can be based on the role of external kinetic energy, does not change its own performance structure, through the physical movement of the detection of an object structure connection relationship) and dynamic model (can be generated by energy conversion, in its own structure has a power conversion system, in the physical movement of the detection of the relationship). (a relatively continuous form of physical motion in the process of energy conversion).
Virtual models
There are virtual static models, virtual dynamic models, and virtual fantasy models.
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