What lamp is good for your eyes

In recent years, eye protection lamps have become very popular with the public and many parents have purchased them for the health of their children's eyes. However, there are so many brands and styles of eye protection lamps on the market, and prices vary greatly, from a couple of hundred to two or three thousand, that it is really confusing and hard to know where to start.

The most troubling issue for parents is not only what kind of eye protection lamp is a reliable eye protection lamp, but also the question of "whether the eye protection lamp is good for yellow light or white light". After all, the majority of eye protection lamps on the market today are LED lamps, and almost all of the light they emit is white, with only a few being yellow.

First of all, we should know that the closer the light is to natural light, the less damage it does to the eyes in a more favourable way. Lighting tools have always strived to bring man-made objects closer to nature, and light is no exception. Scientists and designers have done everything possible to simulate natural light, and in the Chinese Journal of Optometry and Vision Science (2017 ), some experts even pointed out - the future of artificial lighting: it should be closer to the sun! 

Natural light is the light that our human eyes have been most adapted to for billions of years. In natural light, the focus of the retina falls exactly on green light, so that the ciliary muscles of our human eyes are in a relaxed state and do not need to be tightened, and the eyes can get a good rest. The light source of the eye protection lamp is close to natural light light, which is relatively healthy.

The colour of sunlight is a warm yellow, which means that eye protection lamps are yellow in colour, which is relatively good.

From a physical point of view, whether the light is yellow or white is actually influenced by the colour temperature. The lower the colour temperature, the closer the colour is to the warm yellow; the higher the colour temperature, the closer the colour is to the cold white, it is worth noting that the higher the colour temperature the more blue light it contains. This can lead to macular degeneration. 

And according to research, the colour temperature of moderate, soft light with a little yellow eye lamp is more suitable for reading needs [3], in order to avoid the use of high colour temperature blue-rich LED lighting products on human health may have adverse effects, indoor LED lighting products should not exceed 4000K colour temperature, about 3000k warm yellow light is the best reading colour temperature.

Therefore, parents should try to choose a light source that is close to the most comfortable for the eyes in natural light when choosing an eye protection lamp for their children, such a light source has good colour rendering, soft light, white with a little yellowish, more suitable for children to learn to read.

Finally, I would like to remind parents that it is not enough to have a qualified and effective eye lamp to prevent myopia, but to let children develop a good habit of using their eyes, mobile phones, computers and other electronic products or to let children play less, after all, children's eyes are still in a state of development, long-term exposure to these direct light is not good, but also to let children go out more sports, which is also good for the eyes.

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