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What to do if the number is not very clear in the digital painting

It is a hand-painted product that can be completed by a special process of processing the painting into lines and number symbols, and the drawer simply fills in the paint with the corresponding number marked in the color filling area marked with the number. However, there is a share of manufacturers who do not check the manual filling of numbers in place when designing. There will be missed numbers, plus some manufacturers in the time of spray painting.
Ink spray painting is not clear. This brings us consumers to draw the trouble. Then this time we should be novice how to deal with.
In fact, this problem is not difficult to solve, as long as we refer to the effect picture above the digital oil painting, there are individual numbers that are not clear. We can find a similar color instead of one stroke, not necessarily according to the above numbers to fill in the color. For example, you are now painting a large area of color is yellow leaves, then this time appear to be unclear. And you compare the effect figure to fill in the light color yellow, we can use the earth yellow pigment (dark) plus the white hookup. This can be adjusted to a light color lemon yellow. With such a method can easily solve the problem. This method is suitable for the case of missing numbers, as well as numbers that are not clearly visible.
I hope the above method is useful to you.
By the way, after painting a pair of works, you can add some glossy oil. It can keep the brightness of the picture and also can extend the life of the picture. If there is a gray layer and dirt attached to the screen, we can use a cotton cloth with water to wipe. Don't worry about the color of the picture will be cleaned off, because there is a protective layer of glossy oil on it.
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