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What to look for in a beginner's embroidery

Embroidery is a work of art. Embroidery requires patience, a meticulous learning attitude, perseverance and a hard-working learning spirit.

Beginners should learn how to choose their embroidery manuscripts. To a large extent, they should pay attention to the characteristics and colours of the manuscript. For beginners, the most important thing is to choose for themselves. Su embroidery double sided embroidery can be divided into high blended soft satin, silk soft satin and silk soft satin. Silk satin and double-sided embroidery bases are used in all Su embroidery products.

It is recommended that beginners use 'mixed soft satin' as the high blend soft satin has bright colours. When embroidering, you can arrange the threads according to the colour of the pattern (the bags sold by the embroidery shop are matched with silk threads by the professional embroiderers of the shop, so you can choose the right threads for your embroidery) ~ The blended manuscript is washable and will not fade, so you can use it safely.

The first step for beginners wanting to learn embroidery. They can start with the most basic bit by drawing a line on a clean backing to practise needlepoint. They can draw a small circle to practise seeding, or they can draw a petal to connect with the needle and thread. Needle felting is the foundation of embroidery.

Beginners learn embroidery as the most basic of needlework. Once they have learnt the other needlework, they will be able to master it easily. The needlework is arranged in a flat plane with neat lines. The starting and ending stitches should be at the edge of the pattern. They must not overlap or show at the bottom. They must be arranged in a proper way. The threads should be drawn with the same weight, the velvet should be loose, the side stitches should be neat and dense, and the embroidery should look beautiful and natural.

Depending on the texture of the silk, qi stitches can be divided into three embroidery methods: horizontal, straight and diagonal.

The air needle is the oldest of our traditional stitches. Let's find out more about it. Haha, it was first found on silk velvet embroideries excavated from the Western Han tomb at Mawangdui in Changsha, Hunan. The characteristics of knitted items are described above. All beginners learning to embroider must start with flower wool. When using QI embroidery, the embroidery must follow the outline of the pattern without any deviation.

If the embroidery is even, there will be no sparseness ~ if there is no sparseness, the natural embroidery pattern will be smooth
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