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Why Do Dogs Take Food From The Bowl To The Floor?

We always see the strange phenomenon that when the owner puts food in the dog's bowl, the dog will not eat it straight away, but will stick it in his mouth and then throw them messily on the floor before eating.

The dog will keep repeating this until the bowl is empty. Not only does this way of eating look like a headache! And your carpet may have to suffer as a result. Why do dogs do this? Why do they have such strange eating habits? If I really had to find a reason, I'd have to say it's because of convention.

An assistant professor at the University of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine has researched and concluded that dogs used to live outdoors and since then they have developed a habit of dragging their food far away when they get it, thus avoiding competition with more powerful dogs.

Fighting means risk, especially for the weaker party. This is why dogs try to stay out of the fray.

Although dogs in the home do not compete with other dogs for food, it has long been part of their instinct.

If the bowl your dog eats from is metal, then the dog may also be frightened and agitated by the sound of the food or collar rubbing against the metal. So dog owners should also avoid putting their dog's food in bowls that make noise.

How can you prevent this bad habit in your dog?

If you want to get your dog to change this bad habit. It is advisable to change your dog's eating bowl to a plastic or paper one, so that the noise is avoided.

If your dog still carries his food far away, you should give him a little space of his own to eat. This will give your dog a 'private space' where he can feel less competitive and less threatened.
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