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Why does the soybean milk machine not break?

As people become more health conscious, more and more people like to make homemade soy milk to maintain their health. However, there are often some problems when using it, such as beans that do not break, why is this? The following is a list of some common reasons for this.

Soybean milk machine why can not be broken

A, soya bean milk machine blade old rust

Soybean milk machine is mainly dependent on the blade to grind the beans, so the quality of the blade is crucial. If the blade is used for too long, easy to cause the blade old and worn, affecting the function of bean beating, there may be be beans do not break the condition. In addition, improper care of the blade, the lack of necessary maintenance will also trigger the blade rust problem, which in turn affects the work of grinding beans, resulting in the beans difficult to be broken.

Second, the soybean milk machine motor failure

Soybean milk machine to perform pulping work is through the motor high-speed rotation, driving the blade to bean cutting and grinding, so that the beans break down into rice paste. In this process, the motor needs to provide power for the blade to ensure the smooth operation of the pulp, if the motor fails, the blade will be difficult to continue to grind the beans, and thus the phenomenon that the soybean milk machine does not break the beans.

Soybean milk machine why can not be broken

Third, the soybean milk machine heating function failure

Heating, beating and cooking pulp is the automatic work of the soybean milk machine procedures, each link problems will affect the beating work. When beating pulp, the soybean milk machine heats up and starts to perform the bean beating function, breaking down the beans and beating them into paste under the interaction of grinding and heating. Therefore, the soybean milk machine heating function failure, will also affect the bean beating function, the beans do not break the situation.

Fourth, the beans are not soaked in advance

Generally speaking, when playing soybean milk need to soak the beans in advance for several hours, this is because the bean's outer skin is relatively hard, increasing the difficulty of beating work. At this point, it is necessary to soak the beans until they swell, so that they become soft and easy to grind. Therefore, one reason why beans are difficult to be broken is because they are not soaked in advance and they are too hard.

Soybean milk machine why can not be broken

Five, soya bean milk machine water level is too low

Soybean milk machine needs sufficient water when beating pulp, in the water level between the upper and lower scale line is best. If the water level in the machine is too low or there is no water problem, then the soybean milk machine motor and heating function will not start, beating work is difficult to carry out, the beans naturally can not be broken.

In short, there are many reasons why a soybean milk machine does not break beans. When this kind of problem occurs, you can follow the above reasons to find, but the best is to ask professionals to repair or go to the service point to consult and send repair
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