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3D Photo Crystal Heart, Personalized Gift, Father's Day Gift From Daughter, Custom Laser Engraving, Hologram Picture, In Loving Memory Gift

3D Photo Crystal Heart, Personalized Gift, Father's Day Gift From Daughter, Custom Laser Engraving, Hologram Picture, In Loving Memory Gift

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Whether you wish to commemorate the date you and your loved one first met or the day you joined together in holy matrimony, there is no more mesmerizing way to celebrate the occasion than with this heart-shaped 3D Photo Crystal. This elegant keepsake is skillfully designed to last a lifetime and will prove a wonderful conversation piece sitting atop any mantle, desktop, or bookshelf. This 3D Photo Crystal can come complete with an LED light base that will accentuate your free personal text engraving.

After purchasing your gift, you have two options to proceed with the personalization:

The fastest option would be to proceed through our form:
This link will also be emailed to you shortly after purchase.

Alternatively, you can send me a message including:
• The photo you'd like to engrave.
• Any text to be added & the font choice (Arial, Script Mt Bold, Georgia, Monotype Corsiva).
This option takes a little longer to process your crystal.

I always accommodate the photo to the best orientation that it fits. If there are any special requests, you can send me a message or write them down in the personalization form. Here are all eight sizes of the Heart crystal:

Small, our most popular model is slightly smaller than a credit card and 2" thick, and measures 80mm x 70mm x 40mm, or 3.09'' x 2.52'' x 1.52". This crystal can display one or two faces or figures.
Medium, the perfect way to display your photos slightly bigger than the Small, which measures 100mm x 90mm x 50mm, or 3.93'' x 3.54'' x 2.36''. This crystal can display up to 3 faces or figures.
Large, a great way to display your photos with multiple people, which measures 120mm x 100mm x 65mm, or 4.72" x 4.17" x 2.55''. This crystal can display up to four faces or figures.
X-Large, our largest crystal size, for photos with many people. This crystal measures 160mm x 130mm x 70mm, or 6.29'' x 5.11'' x 2.75''. This crystal can display up to five faces or figures.

If your photo has more faces or figures than the crystal is designed for, it's no problem! We can also engrave the crystal in 2D with unlimited faces or figures. Though my recommendation will always be to upgrade it to the next size that accommodates the number of people/figures.

Ordering a light base is optional but I highly recommend it - it's the best way to show off what's inside:
Black LED base: A great pair with your crystal, the Basic Black Base features bright-white LED lights to make your engraving stand out.

We are here to serve and guide you in finding the perfect personalized gift for all occasions. From exceptional customer service to our designers trained to attention to detail, we work with you to find the right crystal, picture, and text to make your gift even more special. Whether you are an individual or a large corporation, we value your business and strive to make your experience with us easy and convenient. The main goal is to make you a customer for life.