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christmas gift series carved solid wood drill pen santa snowman

christmas gift series carved solid wood drill pen santa snowman

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About this item
Super comfortable grip: thanks to the 100% handmade production, the diamond paintbrush is very comfortable to hold in your hand. You can hold this pen for long periods of time without straining your hand or wrist.
Durable and easy to use: the durable metal tip and the multiple interchangeable discs allow drilling up to 2 times faster than with the regular plain pink ones. The extra love clay can also make a difference. What a wonderful thing to do to make 5D diamond painting sets easier and quicker.
Shiny diamond pens. Artfully beautiful looking, clear and translucent. Because it is handmade, the pattern on each dotted pen is unique and gorgeous. This stippling pen can pick up a variety of diamonds such as round, square and crystal diamonds.
Versatile: This diamond pen is not only suitable for diamond painting, but also for cross-stitch, embroidery, nail art and mosaic making. It is suitable for adults, children, new beginners, artists. It is also a good choice if used as a gift.