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Customized Blanket For Gender Reveal, Design By Seerat

Customized Blanket For Gender Reveal, Design By Seerat

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A blanket on gender reveal concept refers to a unique and creative way of announcing the gender of an unborn baby during a gender reveal celebration or event. Instead of using traditional methods like cutting a cake or popping balloons, this concept incorporates the use of a blanket to convey the exciting news.

The concept involves selecting a special blanket that is designed to conceal the gender of the baby until the big reveal moment. This blanket is typically made with a neutral colour or pattern, keeping the suspense intact. It can be a soft, cozy, and visually appealing blanket, adding an element of anticipation and warmth to the occasion.

During the gender reveal event, family and friends gather together, eagerly awaiting the moment when the baby's gender will be unveiled. The expectant parents, or someone trusted with the secret, hold the specially crafted blanket in their hands, ready to unravel the mystery.

As the countdown begins or upon a designated signal, the parents dramatically and joyfully unwrap the blanket, unveiling the true gender of the baby. The blanket is cleverly designed to have a colour or pattern hidden within it that represents the baby's gender. For example, when the blanket is unfurled, it might reveal a vibrant pink for a girl or a bold blue for a boy. Alternatively, a combination of colours or a surprise design could be incorporated to represent the gender in a more creative way.

The unveiling of the blanket creates an atmosphere of excitement and celebration, as everyone discovers and shares in the joyous news. The use of a blanket adds a touch of softness and comfort to the occasion, symbolizing the warm and nurturing environment that awaits the baby's arrival.

Overall, the blanket on gender reveal concept offers a unique twist on the traditional methods of announcing a baby's gender, incorporating suspense, surprise, and a cozy element to enhance the joy and anticipation surrounding this special milestone in a family's journey.


This blanket is printed and shipped FROM USA

Please pay attention to choose blanket size as we will not refund or accept returns or exchange for problems of size confusion.

If buying for adults, don't choose size 30x40in (Only suitable for babies, children)

The image on the mockup is for the 60x80in size blanket

The ultra-soft, silky smooth, lightweight fleece blanket features your art or photography vibrantly printed on one side. Plush & warm enough for an in-home accessory and lightweight enough to take on-the-go!

Available in three sizes:
- 30x40in
- 50x60in
- 60x80in
Made with 100% soft and silky polyester.
Hemmed edges.
Ultra-high definition,
Full bleed,
Photo quality printing.
Printed in the USA.
Machine washable, no fading or discoloration. Dimension:

30x40in: small size for a chair, or kids blanket.
50x60in: most popular size, great for throwing on a couch.
60x80in: fit a few people, or use as a bedspread. Approximately the size of a queen size bed (just the top, not hanging down the sides).


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