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"The Flower on the Corner" - Embroidery

"The Flower on the Corner" - Embroidery

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Like patterns from different sets? MAKE YOUR OWN SET!!! Just leave a note to the seller listing which patterns you would like and we'll take care of the rest.

3-Pack Hand Embroidery Kits include everything you will need:

3 x Cotton Classic Reserve Aida with Pre-Printed Water Soluble Patterns
1 x 7.9 Inch Embroidery Hoop
3 x Color Embroidery Floss to Complete Each Pattern
3 x Needles
3 x Instructions

Each embroidery cloth is pre-printed with a beautiful pattern to follow which is extremely helpful for beginners. The embroidery cloth can be rinsed with water after you finish and the pattern will disappear. Be careful not to come into contact with water before you are finished though! Also, do not iron until after you are done!

After finishing your beautiful artwork, you may hang it in the living room or bedroom as a decoration. This DIY embroidery kit also makes a wonderful gift for your family and friends! Share your love of embroidery!