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Leaf carving art Customized leaf carving photo.

Leaf carving art Customized leaf carving photo.

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Product Description

It comes with a solid wood frame and is a very worthy special gift!
Size is about 14.5CM*18.5CM
The leaf is treated with a special process that will last a long time!

This leaf is suitable for carving a person !!!!

Please note that this is laser engraving, not hand engraving, if you need hand engraving

With a laser engraving project, you can see the veins of the leaf. But with hand carved projects, the leaves are hollow.

Hand carved projects are more realistic and of course, more expensive!

Customization steps.
1. Add the project to the cart and checkout!
2. Send us photos or other special requests. Only human photos are accepted, no photos of any animals, maximum of two people in the photo, please choose clear, high resolution photos!
3. 2-3 days later, we will send the finished carving photos for your confirmation.
4. 4. We will send the goods to you after the confirmation.

1) Please leave your phone number before checkout!!! Leave us a message or put it in your address. When we deliver the goods, we need to provide the phone number to the courier company, so they can contact you when the package arrives in your country and deliver the goods in time. Your phone number will be used for delivery only and for no other purpose.