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On The Celebration of Columbus Day, Blanket is Design by Seerat.

On The Celebration of Columbus Day, Blanket is Design by Seerat.

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On Columbus Day, a blanket serves as a versatile and meaningful accessory that captures the spirit of exploration, cultural exchange, and historical significance. This blanket embodies the essence of the holiday by reflecting the adventurous spirit of Christopher Columbus and the impact his voyages had on shaping the world.

Crafted with attention to detail, the blanket's design may incorporate elements inspired by Columbus's era. Rich earthy tones, reminiscent of the landscapes encountered during his expeditions, could adorn the fabric. Intricate patterns and motifs may evoke the fusion of European and Indigenous cultures, representing the collision of worlds that occurred during Columbus's journeys.

The texture of the blanket is both soft and inviting, providing comfort and warmth as individuals commemorate the day. It is skillfully woven using quality materials, ensuring its durability and ability to stand the test of time, much like the historical legacy of Columbus and his exploration.

As the blanket is spread out, it becomes a gathering place for reflection, education, and celebration. Families and friends can sit upon it during community events, engaging in discussions about the historical impact of Columbus's expeditions and the complexities surrounding his legacy. It becomes a platform for storytelling, as tales of exploration, discovery, and the encounters between different cultures are shared.

Beyond its physical attributes, the blanket symbolizes the exchange of ideas, knowledge, and traditions that occurred as a result of Columbus's voyages. It represents the intermingling of diverse cultures and the forging of new paths in history. It serves as a reminder of the importance of understanding and appreciating different perspectives, as well as the need to navigate the complexities and challenges that arise from cultural encounters.

Whether used as a cozy wrap to keep warm on a crisp autumn day or as a centerpiece for educational activities, this blanket on Columbus Day encapsulates the spirit of exploration, cultural exchange, and the ongoing pursuit of knowledge. It encourages reflection, dialogue, and a deeper understanding of the impact of historical events on our present-day society, fostering a sense of unity and appreciation for the diverse world we inhabit


This blanket is printed and shipped FROM USA

Please pay attention to choose blanket size as we will not refund or accept returns or exchange for problems of size confusion.

If buying for adults, don't choose size 30x40in (Only suitable for babies, children)

The image on the mockup is for the 60x80in size blanket

The ultra-soft, silky smooth, lightweight fleece blanket features your art or photography vibrantly printed on one side. Plush & warm enough for an in-home accessory and lightweight enough to take on-the-go!

Available in three sizes:
- 30x40in
- 50x60in
- 60x80in
Made with 100% soft and silky polyester.
Hemmed edges.
Ultra-high definition,
Full bleed,
Photo quality printing.
Printed in the USA.
Machine washable, no fading or discoloration. Dimension:

30x40in: small size for a chair, or kids blanket.
50x60in: most popular size, great for throwing on a couch.
60x80in: fit a few people, or use as a bedspread. Approximately the size of a queen size bed (just the top, not hanging down the sides).


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