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Personalized Mother’s Day Gift from Daughter, Custom Engraved Picture, Laser Etch Print, Tabletop Home Decor | 3D Photo Crystal Rectangle

Personalized Mother’s Day Gift from Daughter, Custom Engraved Picture, Laser Etch Print, Tabletop Home Decor | 3D Photo Crystal Rectangle

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Product Description

Do you want to give your family, friends or pets the most touching and lasting memento of a particular holiday? Then it's time to consider carving the photo in 3D with your own caption on a stunning piece of crystal clear glass. It's the most beautiful and long— lasting way to keep the beautiful memory.

Whatever, it will be the most special gift that you can receive a for anniversaries, birthdays, weddings, bereavements or commemorative gifts, or honoring a special person such as a firefighter, military or police officer.

It has a fascinating effect: Whatever which direction you rotate it ,You always available to see your 3D photos magically. with it the glow of today transforms all the beautiful memories for the future.

This process is a wonderfully unique way in which to create awe inspiring gifts and awards. By means of a sophisticated computer software program, your photos can be modeled into a three dimensional design. The 3D image is then etched with high quality green laser into a flawless piece of optically clear solid crystal that can last forever.We will scale and position your photo within the laser region on the crystal. The background of your image will be removed with advanced software,only making the the part of your image to be etched into the crystal.Keep this in mind when zooming in the picture, because when the background is removed, There May be more blank space space than the picture you originally intended.Note: in order to show it In the best way,All the pictures should with high contrast and good separation from the background. So that it can be most dynamic.
Converting your standard 2D photo into a 3D crystal.

What we need from you:
We simply need a good quality photo. We can then laser your photo into our crystals utilizing the highest quality standards. Make sure when you upload your photo that it is well illuminated, in a high resolution and is not blurred

All our products come with free boxes.

So it is very easy to order the goods.
1. Choose your size (more options for size reference). 2. Select whether the LED base is required.
3. Finish checking out.
4. Email us the photo you want to use via the Etsy messaging system (this will automatically associate your photo with your order)
And please make sure all the images are larger than 1 MB ,So that we can make sure it show it the best way.otherwise print quality will be suffer.

because it is a custom—made product, once the design and production start, any refunds will not be supported. Thank you for your Cooperation.

If you need to buy the base, you can click the link to enter the store to purchase

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