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Tone air spirit drum Halloween Day gift musical instruments

Tone air spirit drum Halloween Day gift musical instruments

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It is a new type of percussion instrument that makes sound when the disc-shaped steel tongue vibrates. It has the comprehensive characteristics of hand disc and marimba, wooden tongue drum, etc. (instruments that mainly rely on the sound tongue to drive the resonance cavity to vibrate). It is an emerging instrument that brings together philosophy, religion, culture and art, and integrates modern technology, sound theory and innovative design.
【Shape】:The drums are made of steel and titanium alloy, pure copper and carbon steel, with different colors and textures of lacquer on the surface, and the drum body is flat and round. High-quality stainless steel material, circular design will not rust.

【Decorative】:Empathic drums are also works of art, which can be used as home decoration or combined with tea ceremony culture, Tai Chi, yoga, poetry, dance, meditation, and meditation. The human being is in harmony with the drum. This call from the depths of the soul, through the auditory image, touches forgotten memories, opens the heart, comfort, lightness, serenity, and even a spiritual dance with the sound...

【Early Education】:Air drums are also suitable for fetal education and early childhood education, helping to cultivate a sense of music, children playing with their hands will stimulate the nerve endings of the hands, enhance the coordination of the left and right hands, and play a good role in promoting children's brain development, making the child's eyes, ears, brain, hands and heart more dexterous coordination.

【Specifications】:Scale: 8 Notes, C Major Scale;Material: Stainless Steel;Diameter:11.9" ;Height: 5.91" ;Weight: 5.78lbs;Drumstick Length: 8.3";

【Specifications】:1 x Steel Tongue Drum; 1 x Pair of Mallets; 1 x Mallet Bracket; 1 x Music Book;1 x Padded Travel Bag;1 x Set of Picks;1 x Alternate Scale Sticker;If the item you received is damaged, defective or not what you ordered, please contact our after-sales customer service and send us a photo of the item, we will deal with it for you as soon as possible.