Benefits and Principles of 3D Crystal Stone

Benefits and Principles of 3D Crystal Stone

1、Laser internal engraving is an environmentally friendly and energy-saving process for deep processing in the glass and crystal industry;

2、Graphics inside the glass;

3、It looks extra beautiful after refraction;

4, compared with traditional engraving, its preservation life is longer;

5, compared to 3d printing, it can carve any plane, three-dimensional geometry;

6, the carving point has a trailing phenomenon, the view of a one-way restriction is larger;

7, compared to flat printing, internal engraving is to do white dots, rather than write black letters;

8, the dark environment with light can highlight its value.

9, if it is used to build a three-dimensional model, can achieve a special transparent effect.

10, short processing time, high production efficiency.

In fact, most of the crafts you see are not real crystal, but artificial crystal. More useful tools for "internal engraving". Using the laser internal engraving technology, the flat or three-dimensional pattern is "engraved" in the interior of the crystal glass.

Engraving is an ancient art, and the general engraving process starts from the outside, carving out the desired shape from the outside of the material. Laser to be able to carve glass, its energy density must be greater than a certain critical value of the destruction of glass, and the laser energy density at a certain point and its spot size in the spot, the same beam of laser light, the smaller the spot where the energy density is greater.

Inside engraving glass applications

In this way, through proper focusing, the energy density of the laser can be lower than the threshold of damage to the glass before it enters the glass and reaches the processing area, while exceeding this threshold in the desired processing area. intact
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