How to identify the quality of digital oil painting

How to identify the quality of digital oil painting

Now there are many digital oil painting brands on the market, the quality identification mainly depends on the frame, canvas, paint and brush. Frame: Most of the existing brand frames on the market are inner frames, four boxes, mostly of tung wood, about 3 cm wide and 1 cm thick, easily deformed diagonally. Only Da Vinci Code brand has the function of drawing board and free delivery of solid wood embossed outer frame. Canvas: divided into chemical fiber, cotton and linen three, but no matter which one in addition to the thickness of the key to see whether the warp and weft lines are dense, so that strong, flatter after coating the layer, easy on the paint. Paint: digital oil painting will generally choose acrylic paint, good paint without meaning, dry fast, dry can be wiped with a wet cloth, poor quality dare not see the water, a damp then the picture quality will deteriorate. Brush: animal hair and synthetic, animal hair has horse hair, wool, etc., but suitable for digital oil painting is synthetic nylon hair, the naked eye is not easy to distinguish.

At present, different companies start to appear on the market with different quality digital oil painting products, many consumers because of the product did not carry out in-depth understanding, but only blindly pursue the price difference, then it is easy to buy bad quality products, I am here to write some identification details and methods, I hope to bring some help to you when you buy digital oil painting.
  Methods of identification.

 First of all, consumers can first look at whether the packaging is exquisite, whether the brand business, whether the packaging has the company's obvious mark, which is whether this company dares to take up the information of quality assurance to the outside world.
  Line oil painting bandage: painting lines must be cleaned and smooth, clear numbers, must be printed by large formal printers, some small brands are ordinary spray-painted and made, rough lines, blurred numbers, resulting in a significant decline in the quality of the product.
  Painting cloth: must use cotton cloth, in order to absorb the pigment well, if it is not cotton cloth but ordinary fiber cloth, it can not absorb the pigment well, leading to painting is very inconvenient and the effect is greatly reduced.
  The pigment of the oil painting: must be those standard environmental protection pigment after import and export testing, you can unscrew the lid and smell with your nose, if there is fishy gas, the pigment does not meet the standard.
  You must pay attention, not afraid of not knowing the goods, but afraid of goods than goods. You must remember to know more about a few brands to compare and contrast.
  Regular companies generally do not copy the patterns of other companies, even if those patterns sell again fire, will not go to production. Like the master of superior painting, their own products and anti-counterfeiting code, scratch the anti-counterfeiting logo on the product, by sending SMS will distinguish the authenticity.
  Things to note
  Price, digital oil painting is currently in the promotion period, the price is high, you get what you pay for, expensive quality and guaranteed.
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