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What kind of blanket is the most comfortable

Winter cold weather, we usually choose thick and warm when choosing bedding, like a cover blanket is a very warm bedding, because its surface has comfortable insulation plush, making people will be more like blankets. Now the blanket material is also a variety of different materials, different material blanket has different comfort and warmth, today I will take you to understand the various materials of winter bedding.
Blanket classification winter blanket is a very versatile home textile bedding, and because the blanket itself has a comfortable plush material, can have a good warmth effect, and there are a variety of different materials, so there are different comfort. According to the material points have pure wool blanket as well as blended blanket, generally pure wool blanket is made of pure wool, and blended bedding is made of pure wool and blended material combination, two double blanket within the different material composition. Cartoon children's blanket with the chart of different materials introduced
1, polyester blanket general polyester material is made of synthetic fiber blanket, polyester material has extremely high quality elasticity, so it will be made into a winter bed set, in the strong and durable as well as anti-wrinkle effect is on very good, but polyester material moisture absorption is not good, covered in the body will be easier to sweat, there is a sense of stuffiness, warmth is very good, but it is not breathable is more uncomfortable. 2, acrylic blanket acrylic material is also a synthetic fiber, but because its texture is closer to wool material, so in softness and comfort is much better than polyester material, and acrylic fiber blanket design has a variety of rich color and pattern design, in the comfort of warmth at the same time also have visual enjoyment. Winter comfort blanket material 3, nylon cover blanket
It is also a synthetic fiber nylon material, which is the best in abrasion resistance, so many people will also choose this material blanket. Nylon blanket is better than synthetic blankets in terms of moisture absorption, but its breathability is not the best, and it is easy to cause static electricity and dust. In terms of warmth, it is similar to other artificial blankets, and it can meet the basic warmth effect in winter. 4、Animal fiber blanket is generally made of wool, mohair, cashmere and other natural animal fiber materials, which is different from synthetic materials and is welcomed by many people as a natural material, but because animal fiber is rare, it is more expensive in the market. The price is more expensive. Animal hair is to keep warm, so the animal fiber blanket has the best warmth effect, and the touch with the human body is more delicate, soft and comfortable is also a reason why people love it. So if you do not care how much the price, then want to have a comfortable warm winter, then animal fiber wool blanket is the most suitable.
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