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Which material of blanket is good?

Blanket these three are better:.
1、Woolen blanket
Woolen blanket is a blanket made of wool as raw material. Because wool has good ventilation, the air flow layer can be formed between the gaps of the fibers below the wool surface, so it provides a more ideal constant
temperature when the human body sleeps. Wool blanket is good for improving the quality of sleep, good warmth, and has a certain curative effect on rheumatism and arthritis patients and can relieve the condition.
2、Raschel blanket
Raschel is the best quality blanket, Raschel fabric itself is also a kind of acrylic, comfortable, breathable and excellent warmth, the Raschel weaving method used and named, so the special Raschel weaving method, making the blanket more thick and tight, will not be deformed. Raschel blanket feel lubricating and delicate, warm and breathable, bright colors, but also do not lose hair and fade, looks both beautiful and practical.
3、Coral fleece blanket
Coral fleece blanket is made of one of the latest and best-selling fabrics in the international textile fabric. Coral fleece blanket because of its strong water absorption, comfortable breathability, and warm and soft, feel like lying on the coral, so named. Coral fleece is fine in slenderness, does not lose color, is easy to dye, has the flexibility of contact, and has a soft and delicate feel. However, coral fleece blankets are a bit hairy, skin allergy prone and asthma patients should avoid using.
Blankets are available in the following materials.
1.acrylic blanket
Acrylic is a kind of raw material for making blankets, which is called "synthetic wool" and is actually made of acrylic fiber. Acrylic is not a real animal fiber, so its hardness is four times that of wool, and it is best not to lift it directly with the body when using it as a blanket to avoid causing static electricity, but because acrylic blankets have good insulation, and will not occur mold and corrosion has become the first choice of many consumers to buy.
2. Vinylon blanket
Vinylon blanket is mainly made of polyvinyl acetal fiber synthesis material. Because of the very soft vinylon is also called "synthetic cotton" has the same characteristics of cotton, vinylon raw material production is very convenient, so vinylon home textile fabric types have great advantages in price, and secondly, because of the excellent insulation effect of vinylon is loved by many customers, but because the production time of vinylon is long, so the vinylon blanket However, because of the long production time of vinylon, the promotion of vinylon blanket is not enough.
3. Spandex blanket
Spandex blanket is a kind of stretchable nylon fabric blanket, mainly made of polyurethane elastic fiber. The spandex blanket has great stretch and elasticity, and the blanket made of it also plays this characteristic, and the great stretch and elasticity greatly improves the use of home textile.
4. Cotton spandex blanket
Cotton spandex blanket is a kind of blanket made by synthetic fiber. Cotton spandex is very wear-resistant and can be used for a long time to improve the service life of the blanket; in addition, cotton spandex printed bedding has good elasticity and excellent corrosion resistance and moth resistance, etc. It is a good raw material for blanket.
5. Animal fiber blanket
Animal fiber blankets are made of wool, rabbit wool, cashmere and other different materials. Animal fiber blanket made of green and pollution-free raw materials is one of the most popular materials, and because of the animal fiber blanket home textile four-piece set has excellent elasticity, not easy to deformation, wear and corrosion resistance and other characteristics reflect the very high cost performance. Choose to buy animal fiber blanket also has an excellent effect of insulation, but also can directly lift the skin will not cause static electricity and other adverse reactions.
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