How to do when the blanket falls off the hair

How to do when the blanket falls off the hair

Blankets are soft and comfortable, especially comfortable in the summer and autumn. I do not know if you have found when buying blankets, some blankets are easy to fall off. Especially when cleaning, the blankets fall out of the hair situation is particularly more. What to do when the blanket falls out? Here the green box editor and everyone together to talk about blanket hair how to do this topic. First of all, to know what to do when the blanket falls out, you have to make sure that you buy which kind of blanket, if it is a long wool blanket, usually a little bit of hair loss will happen. You do not have to be too surprised. You just need to pay attention when cleaning, generally will be very good at controlling the occurrence of blanket shedding. (Note: Do not wash this blanket in the washing machine, because the washing machine will spin at high speed when cleaning, which will aggravate the blanket shedding.) To know what to do if the blanket falls out, secondly, you have to make sure that the blanket you buy is a quality blanket. If you buy a very cheap blanket, then most of the blanket shedding is due to the quality of the blanket. It is very difficult to avoid falling out of hair in this case. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for. This saying is very reasonable. The final solution to blanket hair how to do, blanket hair, you should pay attention to cleaning, especially easy to stick to the blanket hair clothes, etc., should be as far away as possible from the hair blanket. Otherwise, the fallen hair sticking to it is a very troublesome thing. So, in dealing with blanket hair how to do, first of all, should start from the quality of the product, followed by care to do a good job, only, so to do, in order to well avoid the blanket hair to bring you trouble.

Blanket always fall hair how to do?
Then you should not cover the blanket ah

What is the best way to get rid of blanket hair?
1: hands wrapped with tape and then the place with hair dip on it 2: buy a roller sticky wool first sticky sticky on the good point pure wool hair is very normal both sides have a thick plush woolen fabric, the surface has a thick plush, with warm performance of the bed with woolen fabric, can also be used as bed covers, wall carpets and other decorative items. It is divided into three categories: pure woolen blanket, blended woolen blanket and chemical fiber woolen blanket, and the weaving method includes machine knitting, tufting, warp knitting, needle knitting and sewing. Blanket surface pattern has jacquard, printing, plain, yuan-yang color, daozi, lattice and so on. Blanket style has suede type, standing suede type, smooth wool type, ball type and water pattern type. It has strong elasticity and warmth, and is thick in texture. Mainly used as a bed cover, as a bed cover or wall carpet and other decorative items. The appearance of the blanket is diversified, including the plump and curled suede type, the standing suede type with a sense of velvet, the smooth and long suede type, the ball type that resembles lamb skin, and the water pattern type with irregular waves. The blankets have a wide range of patterns and colors, including geometric patterns, flowers, landscapes, animals, etc. Generally, blankets are decorated and reinforced with cuffed edges, wrapped edges and fringed edges.

Is there any way to solve the problem of the newly bought blanket falling out?

New blankets fall out how to do?
I do not know what material you buy, if it is a fiber wash a few times on the good.

If it is not washable, put on a smaller cover and cover it again!

If it is a quality problem to return

Coral velvet blanket off how to do
Oh, I am specialized in coral velvet, generally can be used, can not be used to replace a bed. In general, made into a blanket of coral velvet dry cleaning that cost basically add on to buy another bed.

The hair pressure low need to use the combing machine in the comb side, and then in the shaking grain again hair will be erected! Of course I'm talking about the double-sided!

So generally when the bottom of the pad coral velvet blanket are disposable, wash not come, if you use to pad words suggest you buy single-sided, because you can not use the reverse side, buy gram weight light, 200 grams or less, the best 144D, cheap, the same effect with 288F, the retail price of 2 m X2 m about 40 blocks. Wholesale factory price of about 10 yuan.

Blanket is the good or not to fall off the good
Of course not fall good ah, fall, you wear sweaters will be stained, too ugly!

I bought a fast blanket, too big to cut it open, but worried about shedding, how to not shed hair
After cutting, sew the edges and lock the edges.

What should I do with the old blanket?
After you bought the blanket, many of you are not sure how to wash the blanket properly. Here, the blanket wholesale website will make a detailed summary about how to wash the blanket, so that the friends who bought the blanket can know how to wash the blanket. First of all, for the question of how to wash the blanket is the right way, you have to find out what kind of quality of blanket you buy first. Different quality of blanket cleaning method is different. According to the blankets commonly sold in the market, the quality of blankets is roughly divided into two large quantities. One is pure wool blanket and the other is chemical fiber blanket. How to wash these two kinds of blankets is different. The first type. How to wash pure wool blanket: Wool blanket can not be washed in the washing machine. The high-speed spin of the washing machine will damage the wool blanket. The wool blanket will be easily deformed after washing. So, you can only wash it by hand or take it to the dry cleaner. Soak the wool blanket in cold water for a while before washing it, so that the blanket is fully soaked. Then lift out the blanket, gently squeeze out some of the water, and rub it gently with soap by hand. Do not twist the blanket dry and squeeze out the water by hand. Otherwise, the blanket will be easily deformed. Finally, the blanket should be dried in the shade, not directly under the sun, which will make the blanket hard, out of shape, and also easy to lose wool. How to wash wool blankets is probably to pay attention to these issues. The second kind. Blankets made of chemical fiber. In general, there are two types of blankets on the market, polyester and acrylic. This kind of blanket can be washed in the washing machine. But do not add boiling water soak. Generally, cold water of about 20 degrees is the most suitable. Of course, hand washing is better. The method of how to wash chemical fiber blankets is about the same as wool blankets. If you wash it in the washing machine, remember not to dry it directly in the washing machine. Instead, take it and squeeze it dry by hand. Blankets are mainly dried in the shade, which can keep the shape of the blanket and not easy to lose hair. Secondly, if you want to make the blanket smoother after washing, you can add about one or two taels of white vinegar in the last wash to make the blanket look brighter after washing. Lastly, you should remember not to soak the blanket in boiling water, no matter what kind of blanket it is, it will not only deform the blanket easily, but also make the blanket fall off more easily. The above is a summary of how to wash the blanket is the right way, hope you read it, it will help you to clean the blanket!
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