Best Ways to Display your Finished Diamond Painting

Best Ways to Display your Finished Diamond Painting

The process of diamond painting is extremely satisfying and relaxing. As soon as you have pressed the very last diamond on the canvas, you have to sort out a new challenge, what to do with finished diamond painting. You have to come up with the most suitable way to display finished diamond painting pictures. It does not matter which diamond painting kit you just completed, there are always some practical frames for diamond art that can be used to display your art.

It is important that you choose frames in perfect harmony with the art itself and to the magnitude of your diamond painting. In order to keep the artwork safe, compact, and secure for years, it is important that you pick appropriate frames for diamond painting.

Best ways to Display your Finished Diamond Painting

You have to choose the right diamond picture frames satin frame or safety glass frame suitable for your finished diamond paintings. You are allowed to choose any frame as long as they are durable, safe, and secure. If you have some information about their history and purpose of use, this will provide important decision-making options while choosing a frame.

Framing diamond art is easy when you know the right ways to give a whole new vibe to your work. Here are some practical ways to display your finished diamond painting for sale or for personal use:

1- Glue Finished Diamond Painting to Pre-stretched Blank Canvas

This is one of the best ways to display your finished diamond painting. Start by cutting the cleared canvas size. You can also create a second canvas for the highlighted area if you want to take a wider view of your doodle.

Then, cut and attach the existing canvas to the frame with a hot glue gun sticky tape or even double-sided tape. If you don't want to spend money on double-sided tape, then you can use 2 newspapers as alternative materials for the frame. The newspaper will be stuck layered on top of each other. Cover them with plastic wrap before attaching them to the frame.


2- Use Poster Frame to Display Diamond Painting

Instead of using the traditional frame, you can also choose to use a poster frame to display your finished diamond painting. Perfect for the size of medium art, this type of frame can be easily altered. You simply need to get the same size of poster frame as your art piece and attach it to a wall.


3- Creating the Frame in Your Style

You can choose a picture frame that is built in your style. In this case, you have to think about the size of your diamond painting to fit with a small square or round frame. You can even choose a mirror frame that will allow you to see from different angles.


4- Apply Stretcher Bars to your Diamond Painting

You can choose the frame that has the same size as your diamond painting and put the stretched canvas on it. Not only will this make a perfect frame, but you also allow your artwork to breathe.

5- Use Stretched Canvas

Stretched canvas can be used as both a background and a frame for displaying your diamond painting. You need to cut a large canvas size to cover your entire art piece, and then stretch out the canvas on top of the frame. You have to then attach some mats or satin at the corners to complete the look.


here were only a few ways to display finished diamond art painting but you can come up with many more creative ideas. You can also try mounting finished diamond painting to cardboard or foam board. But these DIYs may include some complicated measurements and cutting.



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