Everything You Need To Know About 5D Diamond Painting Kits ktclubs.com

Everything You Need To Know About 5D Diamond Painting Kits

What are 5D Diamond Painting Kits?

5D diamond painting is an hypnotizing artwork which ensures to nourish your mind. In this topsy-turvy busy world creativity keeps us sane and healthy. Picking up rhinestones after rhinestones, focusing on placing these dazzling pieces perfectly, while referring the grid and diamond code is immensely self fulfilling and healing in its own way. A hobby to keep for life, a therapy to destress and an engaging activity to manage your monkeying mind.

There is one diamond painting kit for every person in the planet. If you are a nature lover, there are images of picturesque landscapes, gorgeous flowers and birds. If you are an animal lover the sky’s the limit. You will come across vivid paint kits of dogs, cats, elephants and other wildlife. If you are willing to explore your spiritual dimension through artwork. Find mandala and dream catchers diamond painting kits. A religious person can go for 5D painting kits of Jesus and the Virgin Mary. An individual with self development inclination can choose positive, motivational quotes for diamond painting. Children can also indulge in painting with diamonds with partial drill kits of their favourite cartoon characters.

Supplies for the Soul Evoking Diamond Painting Art kit

Pick up tool, wax, diamonds, a self adhesive canvas with a picture and plastic art tray. If you want to invest in your hobby, introduce drill led pens, magnifying light, bead storage organizers and other tools for a fun filled painting session.

Things to Keep in Mind While Shopping for 5D Diamond Kits

1) Type of the Kit

Three main types of 5D diamond painting kit

  • Partial Drill Painting Kit: As the name suggests these kind of kits have semi printed, high definition picture sheet which works as a canvas. There are portions of canvas mentioned, where you get to play with your creativity. Well, most of the times these kits have superior picture quality and precise instructions.

Recommended for?

Beginners can start with partial drill paint kit to just understand the very basics of diamond painting.

  • Full Drill Painting Kit: A kit which comprises of an entirely self adhesive canvas with symbols on it. So, you are working on the picture from scratch. Full drill kit will test your patience and time commitment!

    Recommended for?

    This can be considered best for people who think are on an intermediate level in diamond painting.

    • Multi-Picture Kit or Multi-Paneled Kit: Kit which contains multiple pictures to work on. These pictures together creates one incredible piece of art. Now, these kind of projects are ambitious so make sure you have organisational skills and patience at par as you are going deal with several rhinestones and multiple canvases.

    Recommended for?

    Ambitious people with high creative expertise. Remember, one moment at a time!

    2) Size of the Picture

    When it comes to 5D diamond painting ‘The bigger the kit, the better it is’ Do you know why?

    Here’s what we know about it

    • Big kits generally have high definition picture quality

    • Large kits are provided with superior quality supplies

    • Large kit diamond painting turns out to be immensely beautiful because they have more tiny sparkles

    • Enhances the aesthetics of your surroundings

    A random tip: If you have just come across this beautiful art and thinking to indulge in it. It’s good to take small steps and begin with small sized kits. You don’t want yourself to be overwhelmed by the anticipated work right?

    3) Pay Attention to the Description

    How many times we thought to buy this lovely pair of clothing or home decor online and feel devastated on its arrival? I know we have all gone through it! There is a wide array of best 5D diamond painting available online to choose from.

    There are simple steps one can follow to avoid a cheap buy

    Step 1 Make your mind about the type of the kit – Partial drill, Full drill or multi-panel kit ? Which picture you want?

    Step 2 Check out these stunning paint with diamond kits and read the details carefully.

    Step 3 Zoom in the pictures on the side panel, in most cases you will get to see your canvas. See the pixelated version, judge the picture, understand the real work and then decide

    Step 4 Every kit looks bigger online due to marketing and photography skills. Make sure to have measuring tape hand and measure to avoid disappointments.

    Step 5 Go through the instruction list and art supplies list which will suggest an inventory list, basic tools and rhinestones. The inventory sheet pertains directions, colour grid with codes of the diamond kits provided.

    Step 6 Once the kit passes through your thorough quality check then don’t think much, just order!

    Fun-O-meter: Select a colourful picture with lot of shades for a pleasurable, eye pleasing, artistic project!

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