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Diamond Painting Notebooks - A Notebook Of The Digital Age

For the creative mind, there is no substitute for pen and paper. Despite the advent of the Digital Age, there is a certain assurance when it comes to writing on paper. We may have several writing software installed in our gadget-driven life, but the feeling of a nib deliciously making its way on paper, is undeniably joyous. Jotting down the thoughts on paper, drawing mind -maps, doodling away with imagination- all these are a must for the creative mind. The flow of thoughts gets unleashed when the pen touches the paper. For quickly writing down path-breaking ideas and scribbling notes, a notebook is a necessary stationery item to have for every man and woman.

Joys of Personalized or DIY Notebooks

Writing is a great exercise for anyone and by expressing yourself in a personal place is a wonderful way to stay sane. A notebook can be a great way to catch ideas as they occur to you. This is more so when you use customized notebooks which are printed exclusively to your taste. Personalizing a basic notebook makes it your own. It can also make it more useful, keep items at hand, and help you to keep organized. 

Do It All By Yourself!

When you are tired of taking notes in a run-of-the-mill notebook, you create your own notebook with personalization tool or DIY crafts by designing a fantastic front cover for your new notebook using an image or photo that you choose from your collection. You customize the front, back and spine with text, photos and images to make it uniquely yours. You add a design that you’ve made yourself that speaks to your creative side or sometimes, add a special message to keep you writing when you don’t feel like putting pen to paper. Your possibilities are almost endless.


Ensure that your notebook represents your loved one’s personality and stands out from the crowd. DIY notebooks are perfect to add a dash of elegant sophistication to your stationery collection. It also makes for an excellent gifting idea for not just your near and dear ones but also for your employees or acquaintances.

Diamond Painting Notebooks

Whether you like to sketch, journal, write down your grocery list, or capture your dreams on paper, a blank notebook is a great item to have in your purse, on your nightstand, or at your desk. And if you are a fan of Diamond Painting or Scrapbooking, this amazing idea of Diamond Painting on Notebooks will be loved by you for sure! Diamond painting notebook is a creative combination of diamond paintings and notebook. Diamond painting notebooks are perfect for writing journals, a daily diary, memoranda, writing and more. It could be a great gift for yourself or anyone you love or Diamond Painting lovers around you. When a gift is handmade, it carries special meaning. There are plenty of creative DIY Diamond Painting on Notebook ideas that will inspire you to start creating. Let's get one and enjoy! 








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