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The best camera for your child's needs should be simple, fun, affordable, useful and even educational! So, you are looking for the best camera for kids. Maybe your kids are interested in taking pictures on their phones or tablets, but phones and tablets are sometimes not suitable for kids because there is too much temptation involved. So you still need a camera for your child, and here are a number of quality cameras for kids, some of which are particularly suitable for youngsters, while others are just right for them.

I am confident that no matter what you need, there is at least one camera on this list that will meet your needs. So let's choose the best camera for the kids!

1. VTech Kid's Starter Camera

Also known as "My First Digital Camera", this is the best camera for kids!

VTech has developed a series of brightly colored, big-button entry-level technology products for kids, and these are its best digital cameras for kids today. The build quality is great, with an oversized rubberized construction that absorbs the occasional shock of drops, and concave lenses with large fleshy grips on both sides to give little hands plenty of grip.

Although the camera space may be relatively large for the average target user, the latest version is equipped with a 5 megapixel lens and a 4x digital zoom, resulting in improved image quality.

On the back is a 2.4-inch LCD screen for framing and viewing photos, and it comes with five built-in games that can be played.

2. Polaroid Polaroid

One for older kids with vintage charm

Polaroid is now both nostalgic and cool, while incorporating modern features that make it an excellent choice for the glamour and geekiness of image making. It's simpler to operate and has fewer professional modes, so while this may frustrate professional photographers, it makes it ideal for kids.

With an improved metering system ticking away behind the scenes, images look great with the click of a large, bright, unmissable button, and prints can be perfect for displaying their effects in any home.

3. Kodak Smile Polaroid

This hybrid instant/digital camera saves the images it prints

The Kodak Smile Polaroid combines the best of analog with the beauty of digital. The camera is essentially a printer with a lens, perfect for kids to take, share and paste pictures anywhere.

The camera's 5 MP lens is perfect for high-resolution images, although the pictures definitely look more like printouts than instant film ...... but those kids won't care too much!

And up to 256GB of microSD memory can be inserted, meaning kids can take as many photos as they want and then pick the images to print. Although only about 40 photos can be printed per charge, the integrated battery keeps the camera nice and small - a far cry from the 120-160 photos from a Polaroid Polaroid.

4. Fujifilm Instax Mini 11

Instant print results, right out of the box

The new version of the trusted Mini series is one of the easiest-to-use Fuji cameras and is a great choice for kids. Its auto-exposure mode produces excellent results in all lighting conditions, and although it can be a little gassy at times, you'll probably be very happy with the images it produces.

Fuji prints look as good as ever, are small and fun, and print as easily as ever. The camera is powered by two regular AA batteries, and the flash reliably provides a good enough burst of light for each image. Inexpensive, user-friendly and fun, kids will have a great time, no matter how big or small.

5. Canon ELPH 180

Sleek, sophisticated and stylish may be ideal for teenagers

If you want an entry-level starter camera for your kids without spending a fortune, Canon's historic ELPH series is a great choice. The Canon ELPH 180 is a beginner's model that delivers 20 MP photos through its 1 / 2.3-inch sensor. But the 8x optical zoom should be enough for young photographers who want to capture a range of subjects.

Sensitivity is limited to ISO 100-ISO 1600 (maximum ISO 800 in auto mode), but at this price, it's hard to find a downside, and it may prove adequate as a first "proper" camera for many young people. For the more ambitious youngsters, the menu options will yield some options they'll like to try. Although there is no full HD video recording, the price for 720p recording is definitely reasonable.

6. Fuji XP140 Sports Camera

Fuji's rugged camera brings waterproof, affordable options for kids

Rugged cameras are a great choice for kids because they are sturdy. They don't mind being dropped in a pond, thrown against a wall, painted with paste or whatever else a child might think of. A good example of this is the Fujifilm XP140 sports camera, which is cheaper than other rugged cameras on the market and therefore earns my recommendation.

It's waterproof down to 25m, drop-proof to 1.8m, freeze-proof and dust-proof. Great for playing on the beach or anywhere you think of. It can also take pretty good photos, so it's a good choice for older kids who have a strong interest in photography.

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