Features of 3D LED light night light

Features of 3D LED light night light

LED table lamps are table lamps with light-emitting diodes as the light source, which have many advantages such as small size, low power consumption, long service life, non-toxic environmental protection, safety and reliability, making LED lighting from outdoor decoration, landscape lighting, and gradually developed to household lighting. However, many LED lighting products currently on the market are constrained by the materials used, manufacturing industry and cost, which cannot meet the current demand for personalized, customized and complex lighting products [12]. 3D printing technology has unparalleled advantages in personalization, customization and complexity due to the use of layer-by-layer accumulation of parts, which provides a solution for the manufacturing of such lighting products. a solution. Therefore, it is important to conduct research on the design and manufacturing of lighting products based on 3D printing technology.

Around the main content of lighting products, combined with a large number of lighting case studies, continuous innovation and unique way of thinking to give lighting products more powerful vitality as well as enrich the connotation of the external form of lighting, strengthen the understanding of lighting products and provide more lighting design inspiration, introduced the application of 3D printing technology in the design of lighting products.

The appearance of the night light was first designed using 3D modeling, and then the FDM-type 3D printer was used to print the light box, and the colorful light cover was made from a green and recyclable acrylic board with high transmittance and excellent insulation properties, and the circuit was designed using two schemes of sound and light hardware modular design and microwave radar control, and a 12V LED light bar was used as the light source. An Fenju et al [5] designed a multifunctional mosquito lamp by combining the functions of mosquito control lamp and lighting lamp for the problem of single function and low usage of indoor mosquito control lamp. The multifunctional mosquito lamp combines mosquito lamp and lighting lamp in one, which has the advantages of environmental protection and practicality, resource saving, beautiful and elegant, convenient and efficient. Wang Xiongjie et al [6] used 3D printing technology on the basis of existing UHMWPE lamp buoys to manufacture ABS plastic lamp buoys with integral molding, low cost, and light quality, achieving the goals of cost reduction and efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection, and simple maintenance.

Some progress has been made in the design of lamp products based on 3D printing technology, but the design of personalized and customized lamp products with higher performance still needs continuous research.

2 Design, materials and methods

2.1 Design concept

The idea of 3D printing smart night light is based on the structure of the notchback, on the basis of the notchback to add some more practical small functions, it can be used as an ornament, but also as a lighting lamp, clock, small speaker, so that the decorations are closer to life, more practical, but also to achieve the user's mood, energy saving and environmental protection. When you need lighting at night, when you give instructions, it can then be transformed into a small night light to avoid the trouble caused by turning on the light, which is its voice-activated function, and if you want it to be illuminated for a long time you can open the lighting button. Short-term lighting can use the voice-activated button. According to the customer's special needs and customization requirements for furniture lighting, targeted a series of creative design of furniture lighting products, in the use of personalized creative design of lamps and lanterns can enjoy the comfort and superiority. Compared with the traditional lighting design, it has the characteristics of precise product structure, good integrity and low cost.

2.2 Molding equipment

Since the design of the smart night light was only prepared for trial, the FDM technology, which is similar to the SLA technology in terms of printing and manufacturing accuracy, can be selected, which takes advantage of the thermoplastic material's hot melt and adhesion properties to form layers under computer control. The use of FDM technology for the test preparation of smart night light can identify the problems of the designed smart night light and deal with them in time to make the design more perfect.

2.3 Molding material

PLA material is a thermoplastic material, which is a good molding material for FDM technology. PLA material is a polymer obtained by polymerizing lactic acid as the main raw material, mainly from corn, cassava and other raw materials, the raw material source is sufficient and renewable, so the cost is relatively low. The production process of PLA material is pollution-free, and the product is biodegradable and recyclable in nature, so it is an ideal green polymer material, and PLA material has high thermal stability and good adhesion, so it is an excellent 3D printing material for smart night light test preparation.

3 Results and Discussion

3.1 Design idea of intelligent night light

At present, there are many different kinds of lamps and lanterns on the market, although the shapes are different, but all changes are the same, and the production materials are relatively single, plastic, metal, and our lamps and lanterns are based on the model extension of the creation of the inverted witch, 100μm transparent photosensitive resin as the raw material for 3D printing, which has certain advantages in material and appearance. When we designed the work, in order to avoid a single structure, we added the upper part of the transmission structure similar to the principle of umbrella, and this achieved the free opening and closing function of the work, but also coincidentally achieved the purpose of saving space. The current market lamps and lanterns are mainly eye protection, appearance as a supplement, and the upper part of the umbrella of this lamp and lanterns open and close so that the light is not blinding and a wide range of lighting. The top of the work is a crown shape, with the upper pattern-like structure, high-end and connotation, the lower part is the shape of the non-invertible, to establish a sense of balance and coordination, how to press will not fall, to provide a guarantee for the stability of the work, at the same time, can also be stored in which the items to save space.

3.2 Design of intelligent night light

Before drawing the 3D drawing of the designed jewelry, we need to consider which step to start with, and then calculate the parameters of the jewelry in detail, such as the most basic size of the base, the size of the umbrella handle and other data. The design of this smart night light is divided into three parts, one of which is the base shape of the following cartoon not inverted, and the other two parts are the model consisting of umbrella page and umbrella frame.

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