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Do you need a case for your phone?

Mobile phones are currently our most widely used electronic products, many friends bought a new mobile phone, it will immediately give him to try to cover the phone case. This is to prevent the phone from falling and breaking.

But should we put a case on our mobile phones or not?
Let's listen to what the designers tell us. Here's what they have to say.
We have always said that cases can protect our mobile phones. In fact, it is true that it can prevent the phone from being scratched by hard objects to a certain extent.

However, there is no scientific basis for the claim that it is shockproof and drop-proof.
If not used properly, it can also shorten the life of the phone. This can have a negative impact on our phones.
You say that there are three disadvantages to having a case on your phone.
The first point. It will become less effective in dissipating heat. This is because the cooling system of the phone is at the back of the phone. So if we put a case on the phone, it will affect the heat dissipation of our phone. And there are often friends who, uh, play with their phones while charging. This will cause poor heat dissipation to our phones. Once the heat is dissipated, our phone will easily get hot, which will shorten the life of the phone battery.

The second point is that bad mobile phone cases will have an impact on our health.
At present, there are various kinds of mobile phone cases, with various materials and prices, but the quality is really mixed. Some low-quality chemical materials are also more, some colorful, brightly colored phone cases, but once our phones are not good heat dissipation, the temperature rises, it will lead to the release of some ink on the phone case, if the hands are stained with these inks, one does not pay attention to let your hands go directly to get something to eat, which will be very detrimental to our health.
The third point is that it will affect the signal of our mobile phone.
We all know that the signal of our mobile phone is limited, but we will find that the signal of our mobile phone will become weaker after we bring the case, but if we take out the mobile phone without the case, we will find that the signal of our mobile phone will be strengthened.
The fourth point is that you don't get the tactile feel of a premium phone.
Compared to the mobile phones of the last few years, the mobile phone manufacturers have put a lot of effort into their appearance in the last two years.
After the phone is covered with a case, we can't experience the touch of a high-grade phone, now most of the phones pay attention to the aesthetic appearance, but also to the touch of the bare machine is also paid extra attention to.
When we put on a case, it increases the size of the phone and it doesn't feel as thin and light. Designers are trying to make their phones thinner and thinner, but a case will undo all their efforts, and that's probably what barebones users are saying.

The following are a few of the benefits of having a case in the minds of netizens, such as a higher safety factor, which should be well understood, the glass body looks good, but not acid-resistant, well, in today's increasingly expensive mobile phones, a high-end mobile phone screen and back cover, ah, yes, it may take several thousand dollars, if you accidentally drop it. This is not a small expense that generation of phone cases it can greatly reduce the possibility of the phone being damaged.
The second point is more personalized, nowadays we buy mobile phones is also very simple, most people's will choose the explosive models, after all, most people bought should not be wrong, which will also lead to many people will be bumped, that choose a more personalized phone case, you can avoid this embarrassment.
I see here it, we also understand, with the phone case well, there are benefits and drawbacks, then we should not bring a phone case in the end? My advice is. When you are playing a game or charging your phone, and you can feel your phone getting hot, you should take the case off, or pause the game. Or suspend charging.
My usual practice is to charge the phone when it is hot, then I will take off the case first, and then I will buy the phone to charge it.
After all, we are not people who can afford to change our phones very often. It is necessary to protect our phones with cases to prevent them from being dropped.
So do we all use a case for our mobile phones? There are probably very few people who use their mobile phones without a case.
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