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Who invented the mobile phone case

Who invented the mobile phone case? This question goes back to the question of the evolution of the form of the mobile phone. This one just happened to combine my interest and industry and I decided to write a serious answer to this one. First of all, before 2000, mobile phones had a black case, just before the switch from the big brother analogue era to the 2G GSM era, when mobile phones were the little black box in the minds of consumers (actually not small, bigger than the palm of your hand, and heavy). In the early 2000s, mobile phone manufacturers began to express the colour of their cases as brightly or technologically as possible, leaving behind the heavy black plastic feel of the past. The 5110 was originally fitted with a black case, but Nokia included a colourful case in the sales pack, which was the first "case" with an exterior colour, and this was the first "case" concept. I will define a case here as a case - it is an accessory that provides a personalised replacement for a mobile phone that offers a different look to the original factory-provided solution, in addition to the protection it offers. The material can be engineered PC, or silicone or TPU, or other materials that provide protection and a different look for the phone. We will revise this later when we think of a better expression. Nokia's business idea is that I can send you a case that can change the colour of your phone so that you can remove and change the look of your phone without screws. This idea directly provided a huge business opportunity for the Chinese mobile phone accessories industry, and that was in 2000, in southern China, in the Guangzhou Electronics City in the Guangzhou Culture Park, where a bunch of businesses started to produce and sell sub-factory interchangeable cases for Nokia, i.e. in addition to the official ones in a few colours, there was also a fully transparent (now known as Discovery Edition limited edition cases), which was available as early as 5110 The 5110 was just a pathfinder, and the subsequent 3210 antenna-less and swap-as-you-go designs allowed Nokia to begin a decade of mobile phone dominance, when the high end also had the 8210, 8250, and the low end had the 8210 and 8250 swap-as-you-go models. At that time, there were 3210 and 3310 at the low end and 3310 at the middle, which were simply invincible with the existence of other mobile phone manufacturers! The Guangzhou Cultural Park businessmen's creativity is unlimited, the introduction of the 8210 can be replaced with 8250 shell, with special keys, because at that time the 8250 is butterfly keys (handsome to die ah), but also more technology and creative manufacturers launched 8210 modified 8850 (the high-end mobile phone back then), behind there are 8310 modified 8910 ... ... ...this is the earliest mobile phone case, is to provide protection under the performance to provide the phone aesthetic change accessories. This was the earliest mobile phone case, an accessory that provided protection and aesthetic changes to the phone. The iPhone case, as we call it by default anyway, is actually an extension of the Nokia case that was developed back then. You see a lot of mobile phone manufacturers newly launched mobile phones, you see them say what innovative shell design, basically are in the past we many mobile phone case manufacturers have done the process only. In the early years of a plus mobile phone what class skin feel, in fact, we have mastered as early as 2000 or so rubber oil coating process, and Meizu what kind of double-sided injection molding back cover, if not judged correctly is actually iml process, just manufacturers of packaging called, so that consumers feel the value of the bill. In fact, the phone case is still developing together with the phone, but the speed of evolution has slowed down, at present you see the phone case are concentrated which several processes are willing to be a lot of phone case manufacturers straight pursuit of profits, compressed costs, do not dare to invest too much risk process development. The hottest thing this year is the tempered glass phone case and embroidered phone case, which are developed in the evolution of the phone case in the paste skin. To sum up, who invented the mobile phone case? Nokia, of course, who has been evolving mobile phones for years.
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