mulberry silk scarves

The benefits of mulberry silk scarves

Silk scarf is not only for decoration, but also for many other purposes: A. Moisture absorption, breathability: silk is made from the solidification of liquid secreted from the silk threads inside the silkworm, a natural protein molecular compound with complex composition. Wearing silk clothing has a good protective effect on human skin. This is first reflected in the silk has a good moisture absorption silk has many gaps that can absorb gas, but also adsorb water pro-biotic genes, so that dry silk in a humid environment can absorb moisture; and wet silk in a dry environment and can release moisture, so silk clothing made of silk can absorb the body's sweat, there is metabolism produced by carbon dioxide, take away the body's heat, reduce biological in the skin The chance of breeding, so, wearing silk clothing makes people have a floating smooth, comfortable and cool feeling. It also helps to prevent eczema, itchy skin and other skin diseases.
  B. Can cure skin diseases: Because silk contains more than 20 kinds of amino acids that the human body needs, people wearing silk clothing, silk in the amino acids can enter the body through the skin, so that people's skin becomes smooth and moist.
  C. Flame retardant.
  Due to the nourishing structure of silk, silk clothing has the effect of anti-ultraviolet light, to avoid the direct admission of ultraviolet light human skin damage. Silk also contains 15%-17% nitrogen, can inhibit rapid combustion, and therefore silk clothing and a certain degree of flame retardant performance, fire is not easy to burn human skin. And then according to the porous nature of silk, in the case of special circumstances, you can also use silk products to defend the body against harmful gases.
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