What is the meaning of sending a cup

In many gifts cup is definitely a good gift choice, there are many friends in the choice of gifts to friends and relatives will choose the cup, send a cup also has a moral, many partners are not quite clear to send the meaning of the cup is what the meaning, the following analysis to give others what the meaning of the cup.

The meaning of the cup to different groups is different, to friends, lovers and elders also have a special meaning, the next to give you a classification to discuss the corresponding meaning of the cup to different groups.

1、 For friends

The cup itself is used to hold water, can be full and will not leak, but also full of happiness, full of fortune, full of happy meaning, give a cup to a friend represents the most heartfelt wishes for friends, wishing friends happiness and good luck all in the cup, can harvest more happiness and more good mood, the meaning is very deep oh.

2、 For lovers

The cup itself and the harmonics of "lifetime" in it, so when people say give a cup to someone, can also be understood as a gift to him "lifetime", this symbolism used to send their significant other is the best, so that the other party can feel their warm Love and spend the rest of his life with him, love each other for life determination, and some cups can also be DIY on the pattern, so that lovers can understand their own feelings.

3、 For teachers

Cup has a very interesting feature, when the summer time to the cup poured cool water, and then touch the cup will feel cold, cool, refreshing, can give everyone a very clean feeling, and in winter when the cup poured hot tea and milk, and then hold the cup in your hand, there will be a special warm feeling, give the teacher a cup is to hope that the teacher can be in the summer to calm the mind not impatient In winter, the teacher can feel the warmth of spring, is a very good wish.

4、 For elders

Cup itself can be used to bubble some health tea, both to warm the body can also nourish their bodies, can make the body's immunity to enhance a lot, so give elders a tea can be bubble insulation cup, have wished them good health, has been warm meaning, especially in the winter when the elderly are more likely to feel cold, with a cup of warm tea can help them dissipate the cold, the symbolism is very good.

Know the meaning of sending a cup, send the type of cup is also very delicate, you need to carefully select in order to make each other satisfied, the following take a look at what can be given to others cup it.


Mug is a very suitable for friends and couples mug, although the mug is not very portable, but there is an advantage is that you can DIY production, some mugs can be made into high-temperature color changing version, a pour of hot water will appear different look, some mugs can also be added on the custom photos and patterns, you can put a friend's photo or a photo with the couple on the mug, can make each other You can put your friend's photo or a photo of the couple on the mug, which can make each other feel the heart and touch.

Thermal mug

Insulated mug is more suitable for teachers and elders who are often on the go, for teachers, every day early and late and to many classes, their voice is a very big consumption, and if you drink cold water is very easy to stimulate the teacher's throat, in the long run the teacher's voice will not be able to stand, and the use of insulation cup bubble on some throat tea can be in the teacher's throat dry when the teacher's voice The teacher's throat can be repaired. And often outside the elders if there is no insulation cup for water, it is also difficult to drink hot water, easy to stimulate the stomach, insulation cup is the best choice for them.

Crystal cup

Crystal cup is a very high-end upscale gift, whether to elders or to customers are able to take the gift, crystal cup lid and cup bottom are made of crystal, not only has a very good insulation effect, also looks crystal clear, very upscale, and some high-end crystal cup in the lid will also have silver engraving, so that the cup looks more exquisite workmanship, can make the gift received Friends are very dignified.

Fifty-five degrees cup

Fifty-five degrees cup is a kind of physics knowledge of technology sense of water cup, the curvature of the cup and the inside of the grain can make the hot water poured in quickly become suitable for everyone to drink the temperature, just pour the boiling water into the shaking a few times to cool down, very magical, you can give fifty-five degrees cup to friends, especially school friends, can make them very thirsty in the classroom when very convenient to drink hot water, let them feel It will make them feel the thoughtfulness of everyone.

The above is to send a cup what the moral of the introduction of the gift is a discipline, send a cup is not as many friends imagine that can not get, as long as the appropriate scene to each other, and then with some good wishes, even if only a cup can make each other feel happy and happy, still hesitating friends quickly send it.
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