Getting Started With a DIY Diamond Painting Kit

Getting Started With a DIY Diamond Painting Kit


Diamond art painting is a great hobby for people of all ages and lifestyles to get into because it is such a fun, relaxing way to spend your free time. If you are curious about diamond painting and want to know how you could get started with this activity, then we are here to help. diamartpainting is always glad to offer any assistance in this realm and we do have quite a bit to say on the subject. Here are some thoughts that might help you decide how to get into diamond painting.

Why Practice Diamond Painting?

Before you go ahead and pick out the DIY diamond painting kits you would like to start working on, you might want to know a little bit more about what makes this such a popular hobby. So many people have turned to diamond painting because they realized it could be the perfect pastime for them. Diamond painting is an incredibly relaxing hobby that helps you to destress after busy days full of errands and work. It is great for those days when you really need to just spend some time alone, enjoying the things you like without worrying that someone will ask you for favors or help with something. You can just sit down at home with your favorite music in the background and let yourself enjoy the moment.

Choosing your DIY Kit

Now that you are sure that you would like to try diamond art as a hobby, all that is left to do is get started. This part of the process is half of the fun for many people since this is the time when you decide what you want to work on for your DIY diamond painting kit. You have lots of options to choose from during this step, so really take your time exploring all of the different styles and selecting the ones that are perfect for you. We truly love the diverse array of styles that come with diamond art painting, so we make sure that we always have a full, well-rounded collection of various styles here at Colorelaxation. Let's go over these options as a whole to help you see just how much variety there is.

Canvas Shape

First off, there are different types of canvases you could work on for your diamond painting, big or small. We have several diamond painting keychain kits that let you do work on a smaller canvas in assorted shapes like birds, flowers, skulls, etc. These are unique because you are able to bring these with you anywhere, unlike your larger canvases.You can fit your small diamond painting keychain right in your pocket and carry your tiny work of art with you wherever you go. Another canvas shape you might be interested in is the multi-panel design, which splits up a larger image between multiple canvases that come together to be complete. These types of canvases are great for using as wall decor in your home since all of the pieces come together perfectly to create the larger image you want to see. They look quite elegant all displayed together as a full set and they really let you take your time before they can all be shown as a group since you have to finish each individual diamond painting on its own before the whole thing is ready. The last type of diamond painting we will mention today is the normal, standalone, one-piece painting. This type of canvas is in the shape of a rectangle and comes in a few sizes, so be sure to check for measurements. It is the most common and most popular style for DIY diamond painting kits because it is so simple on its own and allows the design of the diamond painting to draw the attention instead of the canvas itself.

Art Design

In addition to the shape of the canvas for your diamond art, you also get to decide what type of art you would like to create with your diamond painting. There is a huge array of designs to choose from in all sorts of categories, which we have also laid out for you in the form of diamond painting collections by theme. There are so many styles that you can choose from it is hard to list them all out at once. The best way for you to see just how many options you have is to start exploring our selections and looking closer at all of the options. We have DIY diamond painting kits that touch on real landscapes and nature, animals, plant life, mythical creatures, and scenes taken straight from fantasy tales, just to describe a few. Some play off of real life and others off of artistic fantasies. You could have a great time diving in deep to see all of the styles that are available.

As if this far-reaching selection of designs was not enough for you to choose from, Colorelaxation also gives you the option to create your own DIY diamond painting kit with a custom design that you want. We love having this option available for our customers because it allows you to make your projects all the more personal with designs you choose for yourself. It could be anything at all from your favorite works of art, to a sketch you created yourself, and even photographs you uploaded. Many of our customers have had fun creating diamond art paintings of their pets or family members. You only need to submit the image when placing your order for a custom diamond painting and we will take care of the rest, providing you with a complete kit that has everything you need, including your customized canvas.

With your DIY diamond painting kit picked out, you can get started painting with diamonds to create the final piece of art you selected. Gift the painting to a friend (this is a great idea if you chose a custom kit with a picture of their family or pets) or hold onto it for yourself. Either way, you will be happy with the fun you had creating your diamond art at home. Then you can finally move on to the next one.

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