Common problems of diamond painting

Common problems of diamond painting

Diamond painting, also known as DIY diamond painting, is an organic combination of delicate and shiny artificial crystal flat bottom diamond and elaborate design, and the painter can finish a beautiful diamond painting by pasting accordingly.


As for the basic knowledge of diamond painting, many enthusiasts do not know much about it, so there are always some problems. Today, love to play guest very seriously analyze, collect and summarize some common problems about diamond painting, let us share and learn together.

First, customers feel that the color is not easy to identify

Some chart designers in order to better show the level of diamond painting, so there will be some more similar colors, which will also lead to customers in the point of the diamond when the color recognition is not clear. In fact, this problem is very good solution, as long as the customer in the point of the diamond, against the color card strip or directly check the color card symbols on the diamond painting we provide.

Second, the customer found that the diamond is easy to fall off the reason

1, sticky after not to press, resulting in the diamond surface and glue does not bond.

2, the glue is directly exposed to the hot sun for a long time in the air, more dust in the air, resulting in a decrease in the viscosity of the glue.

3、The glue fails for various reasons and is already irreversible, so customers can take the dispensing solution of releasing the hot melt glue at the bottom of the drill.

4、After gluing the bottom of the drill, the drill is dropped by the crease squeeze, the bottom is stored properly and rolled up by the curved surface to the bottom.

Three, how to do when the bottom cloth is dirty

1, ordinary stains just use a toothbrush dipped in some soap to brush a brush, and then rinse clean with water, put flat to dry.

2, the bottom cloth or need to be properly stored, the business can only go to help, and no obligation to deal with.

3, if it is more difficult to deal with stains need special cleaning agents, my side of the recommended Amway LOC, basically can clean off 80% of the stain.

Fourth, the point drill pen on the black diamond white slag

For newcomers who are not familiar with the point drill pen is not recommended to use the point drill point black diamond, first practice with other drill bits, familiar with, so you can try to avoid white residue, but there are white residue, you can also use a waterless wet cloth to wipe clean.

V. What kind of point drill tools are good to use

Point drill pen and tweezers both have advantages, tweezers we will use, here do not need too much explanation. Point drill pen, it takes time to get started, but after proficiency, it will be more convenient to use, the speed of operation will also be faster, depending on which one you use smoothly!


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